Revamp Your Resume

A resume is the first brick you’ll lay on your path to job search success – and on your path to landing your dream job at Spectrum Brands. But in a sea of “detail-oriented” “team players,” how can one resume stand out above the rest? With these top tips:

  • Do Your Research. Writing a resume can be a little like writing an English paper. Use the thesaurus and get smart with your word choices. Instead of using a generic term like “responsible for,” use action verbs like “established,” “streamlined,” “mastered,” and “performed.”
  • List Your Achievements. There’s a well-known saying in writing – show me, don’t tell me. Don’t just write a job description. Quantify your achievements, and use numbers whenever you can. Focus on how you met and exceeded goals. Don’t just say you’re a team player, show how you successfully managed a team of 10 during a high-profile project that resulted in an X percent increase in website traffic.
  • Keep it Short and Sweet. The goal of the resume is to peak someone’s interest and land you an interview. You can expand on your experiences and skills during the interview. Don’t bury your important achievements between unnecessary words, jargon, or acronyms. It’s OK to leave off phrases like “References available upon request” or detailed descriptions of the companies you’ve worked for.
  • Make It Legible. If your resume is short and sweet, it shouldn’t need small margins and even smaller type. White space is just as important as black font when it comes to reading comfortably. And while logos, italic, bold, and colored fonts may look pretty, they can distract. Choose an easy-to-understand formatting style and stay consistent.
  • Tailor Your Resume With Each Application. Sure, it sounds like a nightmare. But you’ll have a much higher success rate if you incorporate key words from the job description into your resume. Those are the exact qualities we’re looking for. So if you have them, we’d like to hear about it! It may take only a few edits or an entire re-write, but you’ll be happy you made the changes when your phone starts ringing.
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