Interview Tips That Work

Great news! You’ve landed an interview at Spectrum Brands. There’s just one small stop on your way to New Job Offer territory – the interview itself. So how are you going to casually show off your skills, impress your potential new boss, and nail every question? By following these tips:

  1. Be Practiced. Interviewing well is an acquired skill, just like playing the piano. Brush up on common interview questions, behavioral questions, and even the simple “So tell me about yourself” a few days in advance. Write down your answers and rehearse them. Don’t underestimate the importance of this step.
  2. Be Prepared. Pack a briefcase or tote bag with extra copies of your resume, a pen, and anything else you may need. (Think: a bottle of water or tissues.) Try on your outfit ahead of time and think about logistics: Will this be comfortable when I sit down? Can I walk in these shoes? Your outfit should be appropriate and professional. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  3. Be Friendly. Enter the interview with a smile. While we’re looking for qualified new hires, we’re also looking for great people who will fit into our environment and mix well with our employees. Make a connection with the interviewer and we’ll be more likely to remember you.
  4. Be Vocal. Don’t just wait for the interviewer to ask you the right questions. If you didn’t get a chance to talk about all the reasons why you’re qualified, don’t leave the room until you do. Say, “I think you might like to hear about my experience with Company X because it’s very relevant to this position.”
  5. Be Inquisitive. An interested person is an involved person. Think of an interview as a normal conversation. Ask thoughtful questions to help the two-way flow of communication. Write down a list of potential questions beforehand so nerves don’t get in your way.
  6. Be Confident. There’s a reason why we brought you in for an interview – we liked what we saw! Take a positive stance instead of a defensive one during the interview. When responding to questions, showcase the experience and skills that caught our eye in the first place. Remind us why you’re here!
  7. Be Clear. Never leave an interview without re-stating your interest in the position. It’s often called “closing the deal.” Thank the interviewer for taking the time to bring you in and reiterate a couple reasons why you’d love to join our company. Then do it again after the interview via a thank you card or email.
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