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How to Stay Healthy at Work

April 24, 2018


When it comes to health, you have to consider both your physical and mental state. And at work it’s easy to become beaten down due to stress, so much so that you could become physically ill. What can you do prevent that feeling of burn out? How do you stay on top of your game both physically and mentally? These tips can help.

  1. Sleep more.
    Prioritize your sleep. That might mean watching less TV at night so you can get a solid night of rest, or having to get behind a little bit at work so that you can catch up on your zzz’s. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re not going to be productive at work or at home.
  2. Cut back on caffeine.
    Caffeine is dehydrating, which isn’t good for anyone’s immune system. And it’s a crutch for sleepless nights. You know that if you stay up late, you can get a quick pick-me-up in the morning regardless of how you feel. Try switching to tea or decaf coffee as you make the transition, and follow each cup of caffeine with an even bigger cup of water.
  3. Eat a healthier breakfast and lunch.
    Start with a filling breakfast like oatmeal with fruit on top as opposed to cereal, which often only fills you up for an hour or two. Re-think your lunches too: a bigger, protein-packed meal mid-day can power you through the afternoon easily. Take a few extra minutes to pursue the healthier choice instead of the fast food, grab-and-go meals.

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1, 2, 3… Career Success

April 17, 2018


Sometimes finding success seems like an impossible journey. But a few baby steps are all you need to take to get on the right track. This round-up of quick-hit tips can help set you on a path toward a more successful life at work and at home.

3 Simple Habits That Will Make You More Successful
These habits are free, simple, and fairly quick–why not give them a try?

3 Ways to Tip the Work-Life Balance In Your Favor
These simple tips help create rigid frameworks that tip your balance away from work and toward life.

3 Ways to Fit More Free Time Into Your Life
These mantras will keep you guilty from enjoying “me time.”

3 Hobbies That Will Help You Excel at Work
Hobbies are good for you and some can help you in life and at work.

3 Bad Habits You Need to Break Right Now
Small changes can make a big difference–it’s the truth!

3 Ways to Humble Brag Like a Pro
Talking up your accomplishments is a necessary part of career success.

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Two Questions That Will Increase Your Productivity

March 27, 2018


Sometimes the problem is a lot easier to solve than you think. If productivity has always been an issue for you or if you’re just in a slump and aren’t as efficient as you used to be, it’s time to ask yourself these two questions. And you must come up with a solid answer for each one.

QUESTION 1: When am I most productive?
QUESTION 2: When am I least productive?

That’s it! The questions sound simple, but the answers may take you a few weeks to find. Really pay attention to your output, your energy, and your overall happiness. It’s more than just “I’m a morning person” or “I’m not.” Keep track of which hours you seem most effective and motivated, and which hours are a total black hole when it comes to getting work done. You know the feeling–when your brain is fried and all you want to do is take a nap.

Once you have your two time periods (they should be a set bracket of time like 8 AM to 10 AM), make your calendar work for you. Do everything you can to schedule your most important work during your most productive time period. What simple tasks can you move to the least productive part of your day? Can you move a workout session or a standing meeting to a different time? You have the power to take better control of your work day — so do it!

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Need Help Saying No? First, You Need “Me Time.”

March 22, 2018


We recently blogged about one tip that can help you take control of your work day: blocking off your calendar for y-o-u. This trick requires you to block off two or three hours to do the tasks that never get done. Most likely it’s your actual work. You know, the stuff you can’t do when you’re busy responding to emails and going to meetings.

Have you taken advantage of that tip yet? If not, we have another compelling reason why you should start. Reverse-engineering your work day–that is, protecting a certain block of time each day without guilt or shame–allows you to say no more easily. You’ll be able to say things like:

  • No, I’m not available between 10 AM and noon. How about 2 PM instead? 
  • No, I can’t be there until after 2 PM. Let’s do 2:30 PM instead.
  • No, I’m unavailable at that time but I can make 10 AM work instead. 

With a reverse-engineered calendar, you’ll be able to respond quickly and without a blink when you’re asked to spread yourself too thin. You’ll be able to stick to a schedule that works more efficiently and maybe even get yourself out of a few commitments that were unnecessary in the first place.

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3 Simple Habits That Will Make You More Successful

March 8, 2018


This isn’t a get rich quick scheme–we promise! But these habits are free, simple, and fairly quick. With just a little bit of effort each day, these positive habits can become a regular part of your life. Try to incorporate one–or all three–into your routine for the next seven days and see what happens.

  1. Read.
    Reading expands your mind! Pick up a book just for fun. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a business book, a self-help book, or a fiction novel. Take 30 minutes every day to commit to reading in the morning, on your lunch break, or before bed. If you can’t find the time, assess how much of your free time you’re spending on social media or watching TV. We bet there’s some wiggle room there. Set a goal like one book per month that will keep you motivated.
  2. Drink water.
    Have you heard? Water is so good for you! And it’s free! Your body needs to be properly hydrated to stay happy and healthy. Drinking water has other benefits too. Think about it: the more water you drink hopefully the less caffeine you’ll intake. And if you consistently stay hydrated it can help stave off unneeded hunger pangs, which means you could lose some weight in the process. Not bad!
  3. Exercise.
    We know, we know. You’ve heard this a million times. But the benefits of exercise are unparalleled. Not only will it keep you healthy and prevent sore muscles, but working out can also boost your mood and your productivity. Make a concerted effort to find out what works for you. Even a 15 minute walk twice a day can have huge benefits. Start a new routine by going for a walk with coworkers after lunch or family members after dinner.

Image via George Chen/Flickr.

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3 Ways to Tip the Work-Life Balance In Your Favor

March 6, 2018


Your work-life balance scale probably tips toward “work” if you’re reading this article. That means we need to find a way to tip that scale in your favor. Here are a few ways to create rigid frameworks for your personal time that can’t easily be thrown to the wayside for work.

  1. Exercise.
    Working out is an easy way to tip the scale back toward your personal life. Plus it has loads of benefits such as increasing your productivity, decreasing your stress levels, and making you happier and healthier. How many more reasons do you need in order to commit to working out? Sign up for an exercise class, a team sports league, a personal trainer, or partner up with a buddy so that you can’t bail out of your commitment.
  2. Unplug.
    Make up rules about unplugging. That might mean no reading or talking about work once you walk in the front door. Or only checking work emails at home after 9 PM. Or no work on Saturdays. Or the work phone gets silenced once you leave the office. Choose a few simple rules that fit into your lifestyle, but cater to your personal needs of family time, fun time, and me time.
  3.  Find a hobby.
    We tend to use the time we are given. That means if you have two hours, your work will take you two hours. If you have 45 minutes, your work may only take you 45 minutes. In short, we are motivated to get more done when we are busy. Commit yourself to a volunteer opportunity, photography class, or book club. Something that really excites you and you know you won’t give up when work gets in the way. If you need another reason to find a hobby, read about why a hobby is good for your career.

Image via Hans Splinter/Flickr.

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The Recipe to Work-Life Balance Success

February 27, 2018


Feeling overwhelmed and overworked? It may be time to revisit a basic strategy for work-life balance success. Although that balance is difficult to achieve, the process is fairly simple. It’s a very simple recipe for success:

  1. Organization (a to-do list or agenda)
  2. Time Management (scheduling when you will get work done)
  3. Downtime (time to refresh, recharge, and relax)

So which part of this recipe are you missing? Which could you improve on or tweak to be more efficient? If you’re failing on the organization portion, spend time shopping around for to-do lists, agendas, and other organizational strategies like keeping notes on your phone or a digital calendar.

If time management is where you seem to fail, consider switching around your schedule. Can your nighttime workout be moved to the morning? Can your weekly meetings be changed to bi-weekly meetings? Do you find yourself more productive in the morning or in the evening? Really assess how you can be most effective in scheduling your time.

If downtime is missing from your recipe, schedule a mandatory commitment for an exercise class, a sports league, a photography class, or a volunteer session into your life. Not only will it ensure you find the balance you need, but it will also motive you to work more efficiently during the time you have.

Image via Murray Barnes/Flickr.

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3 Ways to Fit More Free Time Into Your Life

February 20, 2018


When’s the last time you had a weekend to yourself? One of the reasons we feel so stressed out is that our personal lives can be just as over-scheduled as our professional lives. So when do we recharge? Never? I don’t think so. It’s time to stop feeling guilty for “me time,” “down time,” and “free time.” It’s necessary for a happy and healthy life. These three mantras can help you take back your time!

  1. Just because you’re available doesn’t mean you have to say “yes.” 
    Got a free night? That doesn’t mean it’s an opportunity for someone else to claim. Take more control over your schedule by blocking off “me time” or “family time” on the calendar. It may make it easier for you to turn down an invite. Simply say that you have a prior commitment–because you do!
  2. Just because you have an hour doesn’t mean you have to fill it with chores.
    I’m sure there are a ton of things you need to do this week from grocery shopping to laundry to cleaning. But let go of perfectionism every now and then and simply enjoy the free time you have. Again, it may help to schedule a dedicated few hours at the end of the week or beginning of your week for your to-do list. That way you won’t feel tempted to fill every waking minute with sporadic errands and chores.
  3. Just because your to-do list isn’t done doesn’t mean you should stay up late. 
    At some point, you need to call it a night. Set a strict bedtime for yourself that includes an hour of downtime for reading, relaxing, and getting ready for bed. And follow it! Don’t let it waver–even when work or chores await! It will still be there tomorrow morning, and you’ll feel much more refreshed and productive with a good night of sleep.

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5 Networking Posts You Have to Read Right Now

February 15, 2018


Over the years, we’ve incessantly written about the importance of networking–and we’re not stopping! This round-up of five networking posts are must-reads if you’re looking to take your career to the next level. Networking benefits both job seekers and those who are currently happy in their position. It can take months or years for the seeds you sow to pay off, so start planting them now! Hopefully these five posts will inspire you to get going.

The Difference Between Networking and Demanding
Learn how to get what you want in a way that benefits both you and the person you’re reaching out to.

Is that Networking Event Worth Your Time…or a Waste of It?
Every networking event isn’t created equal. These three questions can help you decide whether you should attend or not.

The Secret to Networking Success and Why it Works
Here’s a philosophy that may help you actually like networking–and get way more out of it than you ever dreamed.

Out of the Box Networking Strategies
Not all networking involves one-on-one conversations and in-person events. Learn other ways to expand your network.

Networking Tips for Those Who Hate Networking the Most
It’s true! Networking doesn’t have to be miserable. These tips can help you get over your fear or dread.

Image via Ivan Emelianov/Flickr. 

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We’re Hiring in Edgerton, Kansas!

February 7, 2018


Save the date! We’re hiring Equipment Operators and Warehouse Workers in Edgerton, Kansas on 2/17 and 3/3. Stop on by between noon and 3 PM either day for on-site interviews at 31100 W 196th St in Edgerton. We’re looking for truck operators, order pickers, dock stockers, and more. 

There are many great reasons why you should consider applying for a job at Spectrum Brands:

  • Great pay! We offer great pay at $14/hour for Equipment Operators and $13/hour for Warehouse Workers.
  • Vacation and Sick Time accrues from day one. 
  • Benefits start on day one.

If you’d like to save some time, apply online in advance by clicking here: Hope to see you soon!

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