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How Micro-Habits Can Help You Achieve Great Things

January 21, 2020


Start small. Really small. That’s the advice that productivity experts are giving. But why? It’s because we often set big goals for ourselves, but we don’t focus on how we are going to get there. In other words, what is one tiny micro-habit I can change or newly incorporate into my day that will get me one step closer to my goal? Here are some examples:

Goal: Work out in the morning.
Micro-habit: Wake up and put on my work out clothes.

Goal: Read more at night.
Micro-habit: Pick up my book (not my phone) when I lay down in bed.

Goal: Go to bed earlier.
Micro-habit: Walk to my bedroom at 9 PM every night.

Goal: Drink more water.
Micro-habit: Pour myself a glass of water first thing in the morning.

These tiny rituals might seem negligible, but they can pave the way to huge changes. Instead of focusing on the big end goal, put more emphasis on the small steps that come before it. Read more about micro-habits at the Harvard Business Review’s article, To Achieve Big Goals, Start with Small Habits. Or pick up a copy of James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits.

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Save the Date: St. Louis Job Fair on January 14, 2020!

January 10, 2020



Save the date! On, Tuesday, January 14th, we’ll be hosting a job fair in the St. Louis suburbs! We’re looking for forklift operators, production line workers, and more. Spread the word! We’d love to see you there.

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