Are You Running in Place?

August 29, 2019

Career Advice

You’re trying to lose weight and you have 30 minutes to work out. You could hop on a treadmill and burn 100 calories. Or you can do 30 minutes of a high intensity interval training and burn 300 calories. Which do you choose? When it comes to exercise, the answer is obvious. After all, it would take three times as long to burn the same amount of calories on the treadmill. But when it comes to work, we often choose the treadmill approach instead of the more efficient HIIT strategy. Why is that?

We often confuse being “busy” with being “productive.” We think working “hard” is the same as working “smart.” But just because our butt is in the chair, it doesn’t mean we are getting stuff done. Right? In fact, it’s often like that treadmill–we’re moving but not getting anywhere. There are a lot of variables that come into play here.

Firstly, you need to feel energized. That means plenty of sleep and good work-life balance. Next, you need to be productive, which means being organized and learning how to delegate. Lastly, you need to stay focused. Get rid of the distractions and get your priorities straight. Setting a timer for a “work sprint” (that’s 35 minutes of uninterrupted work time followed by a 5 minute break) can help you reach your ultimate goal: to work smart instead of hard and be productive instead of just busy.

Image via Benjamin White/Flickr.

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