The Have-to-dos, the Should dos, and the Want-to-dos

April 9, 2019

Career Advice

If you’re feeling overwhelmed it all comes down to one thing: what are you prioritizing? Your to-do list is probably never-ending. So how do you cut through it and tackle it in a way that makes the most sense? Start by assessing what you have to do, what you should do, and want you want to do.

  1. The Have To Dos: These are the things that you know must get done–no ifs, ands, or buts. The important things that have a pending deadline, the items that will really make an important difference in your week (like grocery shopping–hey, you need to eat!), things that other people are depending on you for, and the goals that are most important to you. That could be working out or spending more time with your family.
  2. The Want to Dos: These are the things you do when you go into auto pilot. The habits you have that have become part of your routine. But really assess what you are doing with your time. You may find yourself saying often, “I don’t have enough time.” And yet you never miss an episode of The Bachelor. It’s something you want to do but is it something you should do? Watching television (or scrolling through your phone on social media) is the perfect example of something you can cut back on in your life to make room for more long-term goals. Screen time is a precious block of time that could be spent cooking a healthy meal, spending quality time with your family, working out, or whatever other goal you’re trying to attain.  
  3. The Should Dos: Exercise. Healthy eating. Family and friend time. Waking up earlier. Those are just a few examples of some of the things you know you should do but maybe choose to push to the side anyway. Identify the most important “should dos” and make them a “have-to-do.” Then you’ll spend less brain power trying to prioritize your life. Just make it a non-negotiable and schedule it into your day.

How else do you deal with overwhelm? Comment below!

Image via john.schultz/flickr. 

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