Putting Your Life on “Auto Pilot”

April 4, 2019

Career Advice

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Do you ever dream about not making a single decision for an entire day? Even an hour would be nice! One way to tame the overwhelm is to put a few parts of your day on auto pilot, cruise control, or whatever you want to call it. By automating your day or making certain things become a habit, you’ll use less mental energy and may even become more productive.

To do this, you’ll need to set a few rules. But first, pinpoint the few things that really interrupt your workflow and really stress you out. Then assess your true feelings on the subject. For example, I want to work out every day but I feel like I have too much work to do so I usually skip the workout. And then  feel guilty. Your true thoughts on working out may be, I need to work out at least three days a week to be happy and healthy. Now set a rule: On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, no matter what, I will workout for 30 minutes over my lunch break.

Here are some other daily decisions that you can turn on auto-pilot:

  • when should you check email and when emails justify a response from you?
  • when should you stop working and head home?
  • what should you have for lunch?
  • when you should turn down a project or say no?
  • which meetings should you attend?

The next time this decision-making process cuts into your workday, you’ll be able to turn to your new rule and take a step forward instead of stalling. Before long, it will become habit and–there you go–autopilot. One less decision to make in your day. How else do you go on “autopilot?” Comment below!

Image via Mark Doliner/Flickr.  

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