How to Be a Minimalist in Work and Life

February 7, 2019

Career Advice

Everyone’s jumping on the Marie Kondo train and getting rid of piles of clothing, shoes, toys, and more that don’t spark joy at home. While the idea of “minimalism” may be a little off putting to some, organization experts like author Joshua Becker of the Becoming Minimalist blog may change your mind.

It turns out that minimalism isn’t just about getting rid of things. It’s about adding too–by taking away the unimportant excess in our life, you’re getting more time to enjoy the things you love. When your time isn’t spent caring for, consuming, cleaning, and stressing out about things, you have more time for family, friends, and, well, life. Here are some ways you can apply this thought process to your work life.

  1. Clean out the clutter. Get rid of the items on your desk that you don’t need, you don’t use, or that don’t make you happy. The goal is to give yourself some breathing room so you feel a sense of calm when you approach your desk each morning.
  2. Add a little happy. Now add some things to your workday that bring you joy. Keep in mind that things don’t have to be physical objects. It could be a framed photo of your family or it could be a non negotiable 15 minute walk over lunch time. Or a favorite podcast that you tune into on your way to work every day.
  3. Design your ideal day. If you could paint the perfect workday (from sunrise to sunset) what would it look like? Find ways to incorporate that happiness into your day and find a way to automate, remove, or simplify the processes, things, or people that don’t bring your happiness.
  4. Protect your time. Pick three priorities, mantras, or values that will guide you throughout the work week and help you more easily say yes or no to the pressures of the outside world. Stay focused and true to yourself and you’ll find more calmness and clarity in your life at work and home.

Image via Image Catalog/Flickr.

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