5 Ways to Use Visualization at Work

December 6, 2018

Career Advice

Have you ever tried visualizing your goals? Like really and vividly imagining what each step of the process would look and feel like? It can make a difference. Ask any Olympic athlete if they visualized themselves on the podium. The answer is likely yes!

According to The Muse, “by using visualization, you’re tricking your brain into acting as if your desired outcome—whether that’s nailing a presentation, landing a big promotion, or launching your own business—has already happened. And because your brain thinks your desired outcome has already happened, you’re more likely to take the actions necessary to align with your brain’s perceived reality.”

  1. The perfect meeting: Imagine yourself nailing your presentation and hitting all the right talking points. Take it another step further and envision others reacting positively to your pitch.
  2. The promotion: Vividly dream about what today would be like if you had the position you wanted. Imagine everything from waking up in the morning to what you would wear to what it would be like to walk through the hallways in your new role.
  3. The networking event: Regardless of whether or not you like networking, envision yourself interacting with others. What are you saying? What is your body posture like? How do you feel?
  4. Resigning: Feel stuck in your position but can’t imagine leaving it? Visualize what the process would be like from start to finish. How would you feel?
  5. Starting a new position: A new job is nerve racking so pump yourself  up by imagining your first day going smoothly. While you’re at it, visualize what your day will be like three months from now when you’re a more seasoned employee.

Image via ClaraDon/Flickr.

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