How to Write More Effective Emails

November 1, 2018

Career Advice

You know what I’m talking about: the extra-long email chain with various people CC’d throughout sporadically, chiming in on different conversations, sharing random important details. And you’re all expected to piece together the crucial parts and make sense of it all. It doesn’t seem like the most effective way to use anyone’s time, or the most reliable way to share information.

Unfortunately, email overload and messy email chains are a reality we often face today. However, there are a few small steps you can take to write more effective emails. Perhaps the next email you send will start a more organized and thoughtful chain. It’s possible!

  1. Embrace brevity. 
    “TL;DR” is internet slang for “too long; didn’t read.” Often at the end of a long article or message board post, the writer will add a “TL;DR” summary that states exactly what they wanted to say but in a much more brief one sentence structure. Write every email as if it was a “TL;DR” summary. Emails aren’t novels. You can always explain more in person or over the phone if need be.
  2. Use bold to your advantage.
    Don’t be afraid to bold certain words, phrases, names, or dates to ensure special attention is given to those pieces of information. Make the email as easy to read as possible.
  3. Bullets and numbers are your friends.
    Could this information be better conveyed in an easy-to-read list? Again, make the information as succinct and comprehensible as possible.
  4. Make a decision and stick to it.
    Instead of ruminating over an issue and documenting your entire thought process in the email then cc’ing someone else for a second opinion, commit yourself to a decision. Embrace your own smarts and skills and feel confident in your decision-making abilities.

Image via Sue/Flickr.

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