4 Tips to Help You Break Your Social Media Habit

October 23, 2018

Career Advice

There are a lot of wonderful things about social media. It can connect people around the world, provide inspiration, and spread messages of change and goodwill. But there’s a dark side to social media that’s easy to get caught up in: one where we constantly compare ourselves to the picture-perfect lives of others, and obsessively and mindlessly scroll through feeds instead of interacting with the people directly in front of us.

According to the BBC, we spend an average of two hours a day scrolling and sharing. A recent article in Forbes found that besides being addictive, social media can trigger a sense of sadness and lead to jealousy. Do these findings sound familiar to you? If you feel like social media is time-sucking and soul-sucking, it may be time to take some drastic steps. Here are a few ways to solve your obsession with the screen.

  1. Identify your trigger. When do you use social media the most? What triggers you to reach for your phone? Boredom? A long commute? A need to relax? A thirst for information? A desire to connect? Why?
  2. Redirect your urges. Think about how you could satisfy that itch be it boredom or a need to relax. Why not load up a Kindle with some of your favorite books? Or download an interesting podcast instead? Or go for a walk? Or call a friend? Start a new habit that satisfies your needs in a more productive or healthier way.
  3. Put up a road block. Make it harder for you to access this bad habit. Try deleting the apps from your phone or logging out of the websites on your computer. Or setting up a rule such as, “I can only check social media after 5 PM.”
  4. Give yourself a break. Changing a habit takes time. You need to retrain your muscles to do something different. Keep at it, and soon enough you’ll find success.

Image via joey zanotti/Flickr.

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