How to Find Work-Life Balance…While You’re Still at Work

August 28, 2018

Career Advice

The struggle for work-life balance is real. There is no clear answer–it’s different for everyone and yet seemingly difficult for everyone to achieve. However, the focus often comes on how to find time for life after work. Work hours become the non-negotiable and after work becomes the time for living. But what about trying to fit in “life” while at work? Here are a few ways to do it:

  1. Eat lunch away from your desk: Not only is it good to step away from your computer and give your eyes–and your brain–a rest, it’s good to socialize with your coworkers. Set up a lunch date on or off site at least once a week, and encourage your coworkers to take a lunch break with you every other day.
  2. Squeeze in a workout: If your office has a gym–or even if it doesn’t–there’s likely a way to incorporate a workout into your day. Try using the office gym before work or right after. Or go for a run over the lunch hour. Or why not try biking to and from work?
  3. Take a 15-minute break: Mid-morning and mid-afternoon are the perfect times to take some time for yourself. Call your spouse, pay a bill, go for a short walk, or read an article you’ve been meaning to tackle.

How to you incorporate “life” into your workday? Comment below!

Image via Eric Ward/Flickr.

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