Two Questions That Will Increase Your Productivity

March 27, 2018

Career Advice

Sometimes the problem is a lot easier to solve than you think. If productivity has always been an issue for you or if you’re just in a slump and aren’t as efficient as you used to be, it’s time to ask yourself these two questions. And you must come up with a solid answer for each one.

QUESTION 1: When am I most productive?
QUESTION 2: When am I least productive?

That’s it! The questions sound simple, but the answers may take you a few weeks to find. Really pay attention to your output, your energy, and your overall happiness. It’s more than just “I’m a morning person” or “I’m not.” Keep track of which hours you seem most effective and motivated, and which hours are a total black hole when it comes to getting work done. You know the feeling–when your brain is fried and all you want to do is take a nap.

Once you have your two time periods (they should be a set bracket of time like 8 AM to 10 AM), make your calendar work for you. Do everything you can to schedule your most important work during your most productive time period. What simple tasks can you move to the least productive part of your day? Can you move a workout session or a standing meeting to a different time? You have the power to take better control of your work day — so do it!

Image via Dineshraj Goomany/Flickr.


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