Are You Too Casual at Work?

January 9, 2018

Career Advice

Feeling comfortable and confident at work? That’s great news! Get along swimmingly with your coworkers? Even better! But there’s one caveat to the above dream situation: is it possible to act too casual at work? The answer is yes.

Whether you’re new to the workplace and adjusting from life in the classroom to life in the boardroom or if you’ve spent years working with the same people, it’s easy to let professional courtesies slide. But when it comes down to it, work will always be different from home, even if you begin to feel at home while you’re at work.

Avoid the following situations that miss the mark when it comes to professionalism in the work place.

Casual Faux Pas 1: Being Too Truthful. 
You have a big project coming up but you haven’t even started yet. You announce to your team, “Yeah, I’ haven’t really started yet. I should probably get on that.” Not good. Even if you aren’t feeling motivated lately, don’t broadcast your tardiness to your team. Your concern should be finding your focus and getting the work done. Your coworkers are relying on you.

Casual Faux Pas 2: Getting Too Comfortable.
Even though your coworkers arrive at 9 AM, you’ve been rolling into work at 9:30 AM every day. Your boss hasn’t seemed to notice so now it’s become a habit for you. Eeek! You may think no one is noticing (just because no one has said anything) but the truth is, they have. An occasionally flexible schedule is a privilege. Don’t ruin it for others.

Casual Faux Pas 3: Talking Too Slang-y. 
It may be tempting to respond to a work email with a phrase like “Sweet.” Or shoot down an idea during a meeting by saying, “That’s crazy.” But save the slang for your friends. In a work setting, it’s best to keep things professional. Professionally-minded vocabulary is less emotional and let’s face it–you’ll sound smarter.

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