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Jumpstart Your Career with an Internship at Spectrum Brands

November 28, 2017


If you think our brand assortment is diverse, wait until you see your career options at Spectrum Brands. As a fast-growing company, your career can start with an internship in engineering, marketing, sales or a corporate shared service and grow in a dozen directions. Former interns and recent graduates have changed jobs without changing companies – taking on promotions or moving across functions, business units and geographies to learn and grow professionally.

With a Spectrum Brands internship, you’ll get:

  • Hands-on, meaningful experience in engineering, accounting, marketing or another function related to your degree;
  • A real-world feel for our global, fast-paced company to decide if it’s the right work environment for you;
  • Exposure to company executives, tours of production facilities, social and philanthropic outings;
  • Opportunities to be heard. Last summer’s interns participated in consumer insights projects that influenced how our products are marketed and sold.

Check out some of our recent internship events then apply for an internship today!

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What We’re Thankful For Right Now

November 23, 2017


Some great things happened this past year that we’re especially thankful for. And they all have to do with helping our employees and helping others. Spectrum Brands embraces its role in local communities. In donating our time and resources, we’ve made a real impact in people’s lives and the world around us. We give back to local and national causes that are chosen by employees and aligned with our industry and products.

Here are a few things we’re thankful for in 2017:

  • 25,000 batteries and 12,000 flashlights were donated by Rayovac to Harvey Relief. Read more about the donation efforts here.
  • Spectrum Brands has received a Silver Level Recognition from the American Heart Association for our Wellness Initiatives and Programs. Learn more here.
  • The Clean Lakes Alliance made major progress this year with help from our employees and volunteers.
  • We’ve continued our awesome internal learning opportunities for our employees so they can continue to grow.
  • We volunteered all over the country during Volunteer Day 2017. Learn about which organizations we supported here.
  • Our employees continue to stay active with help from our gyms and wellness programs, Bike to Work week, and more.
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From Campus to Career: Amanda

November 21, 2017


Learn how Amanda transitioned from a consumer science student to a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Spectrum Brands. It all started with a marketing internship. Amanda’s advice to aspiring interns is to use your internship to gain real world experiences that can help you learn more about what you want after you graduate. It worked for Amanda, and it can work for you too!

Interested in landing an internship at Spectrum Brands? Click here!

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6 Tough Interview Questions and How to Tackle Them

November 16, 2017


Got an interview? Here’s your homework: brush up on the following strategies for tackling these tough interview questions. Because when it comes to this brain benders your best chance is to be prepared. Write down your answers, practice them out loud in front of the mirror, and you’ll do great.

Image via Russ Allison Loar/Flickr.


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A Surprising Question That May Come Up In Your Next Interview

November 14, 2017


When you walk into an interview, you’re all business. So when a personal question gets thrown your way, it can really throw you for a loop! This type of question can come in many forms, like:

  • What do you do for fun on the weekends?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What was the last book you read?

Why the heck would someone ask you these kinds of questions? It’s because they want to see what kind of person you are outside of the office. After all, you’ll be spending a ton of time with your new coworkers so getting a glimpse into your personal life can be really eye opening.

It can also be a great chance to show off some skills that may or may not have come up in the interview. For example, maybe you’re apply for a very analytical job but it turns out you’re a photographer on the side. That’s super interesting. And it shows that you have a creative side, which could be very helpful to the position you’re applying for.

Or, maybe you run a side business or take on a leadership role with a volunteer organization. Those types of hobbies showcase your dedication, ownership, and time management skills among other things. Perhaps you’re a part of an intramural sports team. It shows you work well with others and lead a well-balanced life.

So, before you walk into your next interview, think of a few “fun facts” about yourself that will help make you a memorable candidate. After all, no one is all work and no play–even though interviews can make us feel that way!

Image via Peter Miller/Flickr.

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3 Ways to Nail the Phone Interview

November 9, 2017


Phone interviews can be awkward. Without that prime face-to-face interaction, it’s hard to get a good read on someone’s personality and reactions. But the truth of the matter is, you’ll be hard pressed to land a job without landing a phone interview first. Here are some tips to keep in mind that can help you move on to the next round with flying colors.

  1. Keep it short and sweet.
    Remember that this is an introductory call. All they’ve seen is your resume and maybe your LinkedIn profile and a cover letter. It’s up to you to sum up you experiences in three to five minutes and really touch on the career highlights that are super relevant to this position. Don’t assume that the person on the other end of the line knows everything about you. But also, don’t ramble. Your goal is to simply get to the next round by proving you’re a worthy candidate.
  2. Get excited.
    Since you’re not face to face, you can’t show off your enthusiastic smile or handshake. Those feelings have to be expressed in your tone of voice and your word choices. Every interview–no matter how small–should end with you reiterating your interest in the position and asking what the next steps are. It shows that you want to stay in the game.
  3. Find the happy medium.
    Throughout the entire interview process, you should keep things as professional as possible. But don’t forget to add a little bit of personality–especially during something as “cold” as a phone interview. You can open the conversation by commenting on the weather or last night’s big team win. Or, if you’ve done a lot of research, you may know that you and the interviewer have something in common. Break the ice with that bit of information and the rest of the interview may go a lot more smoothly.

Image via Adam Rosenberg/Flickr.

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“Why Are You Interested in this Role?”

November 7, 2017


Here’s an interview question that you’re bound to get: “Why are you interested in this role?” It’s a seemingly easy question but your answer is much more important than you think. It’s a chance to differentiate yourself from other candidates.

A simple, “It seemed like a great company to work for,” isn’t going to cut it. Neither is, “It’s a perfect role for me!” In fact, there’s a strategy behind this question (just like there is behind every interview question). If you keep this tip in mind, you’ll be steps ahead of the rest: don’t make it about how this role will help you, focus on all the ways you can help themif you are hired.

During a job interview, you should always try to weave in your experiences and skills–and how those experiences and skills will help this company–any chance you get. And this question is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Instead of saying…
“This job is everything I was looking for.”

Try saying…
“After reading the job description, I immediately saw many ways that I could contribute to this team. For example…”

Instead of saying…
“This is a perfect stepping stone for my career.”

Try saying…
“This role excites me because of my experience in X and my passion for Y. I believe I could deliver immediate results while also growing from new challenges like Z.”

Image via Eric/Flickr.

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What to Say When You’re Stumped in an Interview

November 2, 2017


There’s nothing worse than getting completely tongue tied in the middle of an interview. But no matter how much you’ve prepped, you’re bound to get a question that throws you for a loop. And with an already nervous disposition, it’s not like you’re fully capable of crafting the perfect answer on the fly. However, “I don’t know!” isn’t a great answer.

If you need to buy yourself a little bit of time after a tricky interview question, here are a few things you can say:

“Great question. I would have to say that…”

“Let me think for a minute on that one.” [Pause for a moment.]

“That’s a tough one. Can we move on to the next question and then come back to this one?” 

“Can you repeat the question one more time?”

“Just to clarify, are you asking if I…”

“That question reminds me of a time…” [Redirect to something similar you feel more comfortable speaking about.]

“I’m sorry I just can’t think of an example at this moment. Is it ok if I follow up afterward?” 

Image via Image Catalog/Flickr.



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