How to Survive a Video Interview

October 3, 2017

Career Advice

Technology is making it easier and easier to conduct meetings virtually. We see them more often in our daily work life, as well as during the interview process. There are hundreds of free apps and websites out there that make live streaming video accessible to everyone.

But why would a company do a video interview? Well, it saves the company money for one. If you’re an out-of-state candidate for which the company may need to pay to fly you out, the first round of interviews may be done virtually. It’s not only beneficial to the company but also to the potential employee. After all, if you currently have a job, you won’t have to take a day or two off work–maybe just an afternoon.

Another time you may find yourself in a video interview is while you’re at the company doing in-person interviews. Some of those may end up being virtual if a higher up is traveling or based out of another office. The moral of the story is: if you’re going through the interview process, be prepared for a virtual interview! Here are some of our top tips:

  • Download all necessary software in advance.
  • Use your laptop instead of a phone so you don’t have to hold anything in place.
  • Practice with a friend or family member a day before the interview.
  • Make sure the lighting is good. A light source should be direct at your face, not behind you.
  • Clear any clutter or embarrassing items from the background.
  • Pay special attention to your sound and wifi signal. Make sure it’s in working order.
  • Close the doors or windows to prevent any ambient noise.
  • If you’re using headphones, make sure they have a microphone feature. Regular headphones without the talking piece won’t work!
  • Don’t forget to silence your phone–this is still an interview!
  • Also, don’t forget to dress up. Again, this is still an interview even though it’s virtual.
  • Be sure to look at the camera lens and not at your screen if you want to make eye contact.
  • Write some notes in advance. You’ll be able to easily consult them during the interview.

Image via Image Catalog/Flickr.

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