Three Things You Shouldn’t Say at Work

August 24, 2017

Career Advice

Wouldn’t you love to be the smartest, most competent, most respected person in the room? It all starts with one person: you. The more respect you have for your own thoughts, ideas, and skills, the more respect others may in turn have for you. Slights tweaks in your language can have a big affect on your career success. Eliminate the following phrases from your workday and see what happens!

“I think…”
Saying “I think” is the same as saying “maybe” or “hopefully.” They are words that indicate that you are already questioning an outcome or questioning your own abilities. Try “I believe,” or “I know” instead. Speak with confidence instead of already instilling doubt in your work.

“I’ll try…”
If you need something desperately and someone responds with, “I’ll try,” how does that make you feel? Not great. “Try” inherently means that it may or may not happen. Instead, say “I can” or “I will.” Again, confidence is key and you don’t want to sound like you’re giving a half-hearted effort before you’ve even started.

“I may be wrong, but…”
There’s no need to instill doubt in your forthcoming thought before the words have tumbled out of your mouth. Let others judge whether or not you are incorrect in your assessment. Respect your thoughts and ideas, and give yourself a little more credit!

Image via Marc Wathieu/Flickr. 

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