How to Balance Multiple Interviews

August 8, 2017

Career Advice

You know the drill: when it rains, it pours. After weeks of feeling like you’d never get hired again, you suddenly have a handful of job interviews in your pipeline. You like the short commute to Company A, but Company B is giving you a better title, while Company C is an exciting industry you’ve been dying to get into. But you’re getting ahead of yourself–you’re in different stages of the interview process for each company and there’s no job offers on the table…yet.

Talk about a stressful–but good!–situation to be in. There are a few different conundrums you may find yourself in. Here’s what you can say when faced with these situations.

The Dreaded Question
Company B asks where you stand in the job search process. This is not an uncommon question, and it won’t work against you if you happen to be interviewing with multiple companies. In fact, you’ll look like you’re in high demand. Be truthful. Tell them. Say something like:

  • “I’m in the early stages of the interview process with a few companies right now, but I’m very excited about this opportunity.”

The Early Offer
If you get an offer from Company A but you’re still waiting on the final interview or an offer from Company C, and you’d like more time to see how that goes, you can try these two tactics:

  • Tell Company C: “I’m incredibly interested in this opportunity, but I have a pending offer from another company. Do you think you’ll have a final interview scheduled and/or decision made by X date?”
  • Tell Company A: “I’m very interested, but is there any way I can have another week to consider this opportunity?”

The Drop-Out
What if you want to accept the offer from Company A and drop out of the interview process with Company C? Be respectful, and don’t burn any bridges. You never know when you may be knocking on their door again! Say something like:

  • “I’ve so enjoyed this opportunity and I feel that in the future, Company C may be a great fit for me. Right now, I’ve decided to move forward with a different opportunity that I just couldn’t pass up. I’d love to stay in touch though and I hope our paths will cross again. Thank you, again, for your time.”

The Leaving You Hanging
What if the job search with Company B comes to a halt? And you need it to keep progressing at the same rate as your other opportunities? Again, be truthful. Go ahead and say:

  • “I’m getting very close to the end of the interview process with a couple companies, but I’m very excited for the opportunity with Company B. When do you expect the next round of interviews to occur?”

Image via Marina del Castell/Flickr.

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