Why Summer is a Great Time to Break Bad Habits

July 11, 2017

Career Advice

One of the biggest perks of summer is that it comes along with a laissez-faire undertone. That means people may duck out of the office a few hours early on Fridays, holiday weekends extend into the week before and the week after, and its generally acceptable to very slowly and surely re-acclimate yourself after a vacation. What could this mean for you? Three months of a slightly easier schedule. We’re saying that slight reduction in stress is the perfect opportunity to try something new…like breaking bad habits. Here are a few ways to spend your summer season:

  1. Get up earlier.
    If you’re one of those people who hit the snooze button, start breaking your bad habit during the long days of summer. You’ll feel more compelled to hop out of bed when the sun is already shining and it’s a beautiful day. Use that extra time in the morning to start up a morning exercise routine or to tackle a number of other things: chores, hobbies, etc.
  2. Give up caffeine.
    I know, I know. There’s nothing better than a large iced coffee on a cold summer day. But if you’re trying to break your caffeine habit, warmer weather can help. You’re less likely to crave a steaming mug of hot coffee or tea when it’s 90 degrees outside, and the sunny mornings should be a natural stimulant to get yourself moving. Try a morning exercise routine instead.
  3. Take on a hobby.
    Let’s face it — it does seem like there are more hours in the day in the summer! It’s because it’s lighter for longer, which means you probably find yourself doing many more weekday after-work activities during the summer than the winter. When the sun sets at 5 PM, it’s too easy to go into hibernation mode and stay inside to watch TV. During the summer, use these “additional” hours to do something you’ve always wanted to do but felt like you’ve never had enough time for.

Which bad habits will you break this summer? And which good habits will you start? Comment below!

Image via Mike Lewinski/Flickr.

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