How to Be Likable at Work

March 28, 2017

Career Advice

You know that friendly coworker you describe as a “people person?” They get along with everyone, aren’t easily angered, and are always thoughtful? You can be one of those people too! Being a “people person” takes effort–it’s not a talent that you are born with. Here are a three steps that can help you become more likable at work. Start practicing today.

1. Stay positive.
Don’t whine or complain about your workload, your boss, the company, or even the weather. Plenty of other people are already doing that. Change the conversation when it turns south. Look for the bright side of things. Be the light in the room–people are attracted to it.

2. Don’t gossip.
When you talk about people behind their backs, the person you are talking to fears that when he leaves the room you’ll do the same to him. Gossiping does not make you a trustworthy person at work or in your personal life.

3. Ask questions.
If you have a habit of talking about yourself, or you’re bad at striking up conversations with others, begin by always reciprocating the question that’s been asked to you. If someone inquires as to whether you’re doing anything fun this weekend, talk as long as you’d like about your plans but be sure to finish the conversation with, “And what are your plans?”

Image via Jens Bergander/Flickr.

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