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3 Under-the-Radar Signs That You’re Excelling at Work

March 30, 2017


Managers are busy people. They can’t always provide us with the constant feedback and encouragement that we’d like to be provided with. But without asking anyone for a confirmation, you can likely get a pulse on your performance. The clues are there every day. Here are a few signals that you’re doing great in your position.

  1. Your boss relies on you for urgent needs.
    Fire drill! Something went south and the first person your boss turns to is y-o-u. This is a great sign that your boss considers you to be reliable, knowledgable, and trustworthy. You can get something done fast and with precision.
  2. Your coworkers come to you for advice.
    When a peer asks you for feedback, it means they respect your opinion–and that’s a responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Be confident but humble. You should be flattered that they turn to you when they need help.
  3. You’re considered a company ambassador.
    If the company asks you to attend a recruiting event or an industry conference, you should feel pretty great! Take advantage of this opportunity to represent your company in the best light and network with others. You’ve earned it!

Image via Kristian Niemi/Flickr.

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How to Be Likable at Work

March 28, 2017


You know that friendly coworker you describe as a “people person?” They get along with everyone, aren’t easily angered, and are always thoughtful? You can be one of those people too! Being a “people person” takes effort–it’s not a talent that you are born with. Here are a three steps that can help you become more likable at work. Start practicing today.

1. Stay positive.
Don’t whine or complain about your workload, your boss, the company, or even the weather. Plenty of other people are already doing that. Change the conversation when it turns south. Look for the bright side of things. Be the light in the room–people are attracted to it.

2. Don’t gossip.
When you talk about people behind their backs, the person you are talking to fears that when he leaves the room you’ll do the same to him. Gossiping does not make you a trustworthy person at work or in your personal life.

3. Ask questions.
If you have a habit of talking about yourself, or you’re bad at striking up conversations with others, begin by always reciprocating the question that’s been asked to you. If someone inquires as to whether you’re doing anything fun this weekend, talk as long as you’d like about your plans but be sure to finish the conversation with, “And what are your plans?”

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Spectrum Brands is Hiring in Kansas!

March 22, 2017


Spectrum Brands is conducting interviews March 28-29 for all roles in our new Central Fulfillment Center in Edgerton, Kansas. The CFC will occupy 927,000 square feet and employ 315 associates when fully staffed – and we are hiring NOW!

Why Work with Spectrum Brands?

  • Full benefits from Day 1
  • 4, 10 hour shifts
  • Wage increase after 90 days
  • Shift differentials for 2nd and 3rd shifts
  • $100 voucher for steel toed boots
  • Quarterly attendance incentive
  • Employee Referral Program

Immediate Opportunities for:

  • Equipment Operators
  • Warehouse Workers
  • Cycle Counters
  • DC Leads and Supervisors
  • Variety of other roles!

Upcoming new hire start dates are April 10, April 24, May 8, and May 15. Apply online at to be scheduled for an interview. Interviews will be conducted from 9 am to 6 pm both days, at the Johnson County Workforce Partnership, 9221 Quivira Road, Overland Park, KS 66215.

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What Does Success Mean For YOU?

March 21, 2017


A stellar promotion. A hefty paycheck. Sitting first class on the company dime. This sounds like career success, right? It’s the prescription we often follow, but it’s not for everyone. Each person’s definition of career success should be different. The key to finding happiness in your career path is clearly defining what success means to you. Here a few traps that we easily fall into when measuring our success against others.

The Title
If you find yourself yearning for a promotion to a managerial role, ask yourself: do you truly want to manage a team? Are you passionate about becoming a great leader, inspiring others, delegating work, and making key decisions? If that’s not what motivates you on a daily basis, define what does: challenging work? Purposeful projects? Quality relationships with your coworkers? Pursue that instead.

The Salary
Just because someone makes more money than you, does it make them more successful? Perhaps success can be defined more simply: paying your bills on time, supporting your family, donating to charity, or having some “fun” money. Which is most important to you? It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about what you do with it–and if it meets your needs and goals.

The End Game
For some people, retiring early or quitting your job to travel around the world is the ultimate definition of success–but is it yours? What are you working toward? What do you want your life to be like in five, 10, or 20 years? Work toward your dreams–not someone else’s. That’s the only true barometer of success.

Image via catherinedncr/Flickr.

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What the Interview Process at Spectrum Brands is Like

March 16, 2017


Congrats! You found a great position online, sent in a resume, and landed an interview with us. We can’t wait to meet you in person. Before the big day, familiarize yourself with your process. We don’t bite! Here’s what you can expect during the Spectrum Brands interview process.

Prepping for the interview…
We use situational and behavioral-based interviews to get to know you – the real you. What makes you tick? What have you accomplished so far? We’ll ask questions about previous accomplishments or how you’ve handled situations in the past.

During the interview…
We are looking to see how you relate to, compare with and connect with our values and behaviors to achieve service excellence, meet and exceed organizational objectives and support fiscal responsibility.

Before you leave…
This is also your opportunity to find out about us. We believe two-way communication starts from day one, so ask away.

If we feel like we’re a match…
Now that we both know there’s a great fit, we present you with a conditional employment offer and you accept. Congratulations!

Moving forward…
You will work and grow alongside highly talented people, face new and exciting challenges and you will touch and improve the lives of the world’s consumers every day. You’ve proven you have a lot to offer and we look forward to welcoming you to Spectrum Brands.

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The One Trick That Will Help You Become a Better Speaker

March 14, 2017


Public speaking is a natural part of corporate life. Whether you’d like to become better at simply expressing your idea to a co-worker or presenting a solution to a huge audience, there’s a trick that will help. TED speakers swear by it as well as high-performing athletes.

It all comes down to practice. But not just practicing by yourself in front of a mirror or simple re-reading your notes so you feel comfortable with your talking points. It’s all about practicing in self-imposed stressful situations. Even just a little bit of stress can help. For example, practice by giving your Powerpoint presentation to a significant other or friend the night before giving it in front of a large audience. Time yourself to add a bit more realistic pressure.

But why does this tactic work? Inc. further explains this phenomenon in an article titled The Best TED Speakers Practice This 1 Habit Before Taking the Stage. It’s all about building up a tolerance for pressure so you don’t choke once it’s placed on you. If you’re the kind of person that can memorize a poem perfectly, but then totally freezes once you’re on stage, this strategy will be especially helpful.

Practicing alone can only do so much. You need to mimic the real-world circumstances that you may be faced with. Think about how much more you learn once you’re on the job, versus what you learned in a classroom setting. Public speaking is no different.

Image via jonny goldstein/Flickr.

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3 Hobbies That Will Help You Excel at Work

March 9, 2017


We talk often about work-life balance–and how hard it is to achieve!–but we’ve also made one point clear: hobbies are good for you. If you’re a high-stress-high-achiever kind of person, you may find it hard to relax and therefore find it challenging to dedicate your precious time to hobbies. It feels like a waste! Well, there’s good news for you: the following hobbies perform a double whammy. They’ll help you excel at home and at work.

1. Read
Incorporate reading into your daily routine whether it’s on your commute, your lunch break, or before bed. Audio books count! Sure, business and self-improvement books are a sure-fire way to spend your time, but fiction books are also beneficial. Novels can give you a dose of creative thinking, relaxation, and escape which can all help you perform better on a daily basis.

2. Exercise
This one is an obvious choice, but one that’s too easily overlooked. How often have you skipped a workout to do work instead? Not okay. Exercise can not only improve your mood, but it can improve your brain function too. And it obviously keeps your body in tip top shape so you can focus on the things that matter in both your personal and your work life.

3. Learn a language
Who said a “language” has to be strictly verbal? Whether it’s a foreign tongue or a coding language, mastering a new skill like this can help you become more valuable to your company–and it gives your mind a great workout. You’ll gain confidence along the way, which is helpful at work and at home.

Image via Image Catalog/Flickr.

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How to Stay Positive When You’re Not Getting Hired

March 7, 2017


It’s hard to smile through a sea of rejection letters. The job hunt is certainly stressful regardless of how short or long it becomes. If you’re erring on the longer side of the job search spectrum and you’re feeling down, try not to let those feelings overcome you. Here are a few tips that can help.

1. Don’t get jealous.
Envious of a friend who just secured a great position? Remember that it’s not her fault that you don’t yet have a job. She may have been searching for a new job for just as long as you have or her interview process may have been incredibly stressful. Be happy for your friends. Do unto others…

2. Keep the faith.
You will eventually get hired–remind yourself of that daily or even hourly! The right position is out there. If something didn’t work out, perhaps it wasn’t meant to be. The perfect match will come along. They’ll realize your potential and swoop you up with open arms.

3. Enjoy the little things.
Whether you’re unemployed and job searching or unhappy in your current position and job searching, it’s easy to get down on yourself. Find time for things that make you happy like exercising, spending time with friends, or practicing your favorite hobby.

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The Most Important Career Skill is Not What You Think It Is

March 3, 2017


6871382961_30cdee8823_zWhat skill will have the biggest impact on your career? It’s not your knowledge. It’s not your excellent communication chops. And it’s not your attitude. So what is it? Your network.

A recent Fast Company article called Forget Coding–Here’s the Skill You Need Most When You Start Your Career, outlined the reasons why networking is the one skill that will get you ahead. It’s even more important for recent graduates who are just starting their careers. Networking can help open doors for you, give you industry and career insight, and set you apart from a pack of similar-sounding applicants.

We’re all about being proactive, so we’ve rounded up our best posts on networking. Start taking notes…

Image via screenpunk/Flickr.

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What it Takes to Work at Spectrum Brands

March 1, 2017


PrintWe succeed together with a unified vision for our future and a shared belief in how we’ll get there. When you apply for a job at Spectrum Brands, keep the following core values in mind. We look for these qualities in all of our employees. If your resume and interview can mirror these traits, you’ll be off to a great start.


  • Always pursues the best interests of Spectrum Brands
  • Plans for long-term success despite short-term pressure
  • Ensures alignment with shareholder interests

Team Player

  • Collaborates with peers to succeed together as Spectrum Brands
  • Communicates effectively via candid but respectful discussions
  • Seeks out best practices to strive for continuous improvement


  • Adjusts easily and rapidly to changing market conditions
  • Succeeds in ambiguous situations through flexibility and creativity
  • Embraces and utilizes modern technology, processes and methods

View our open positions now at

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