3 Ways to Humble Brag Like a Pro

November 1, 2016

Career Advice

4646665889_3d5c46192f_zBragging isn’t good…but talking up your accomplishments is a necessary part of the job search and your overall career success. Not only do you have to promote yourself during the interview, but once you start at a new company you need to fill in your new coworkers and supervisors on your capabilities. And once you’re established at a company, continuing to push your achievements to the forefront will only help when it comes to annual reviews and promotions. So how do you do it?

  1. Keep your online career profiles up to date.
    LinkedIn is a great place to showcase your career highlights. Be specific in your job responsibilities, but be sure to focus on quantitative results as well as before and after examples.When job searching, you should always be connecting with recruiters and HR professionals. When starting a new position, connect with new coworkers and supervisors so they can learn your background and understand your level of expertise. Throughout the duration of your position, continue to update your profile even if you’re not looking for a job.
  2. Let other people vouch for your talents.
    The best way to show others how great you are is by letting other people do it for you. Work on building up your LinkedIn recommendations throughout your career. But don’t keep the praise online. When you’re friendly and helpful to everyone in the workplace, you’ll gain a great reputation. Setting up lunches and informational meetings is the perfect first step in expanding your network at work and while you’re searching for a job. Recruiters keep tight circles of connections too and you never know what opportunity may fall into your lap.
  3. Be comfortable talking about your achievements and the achievements of others.
    If you often praise and give credit to others, it won’t seem unusual when you talk up your own accomplishments. And fostering an environment of giving credit may mean that others will speak on your behalf. Support your coworkers and they will support you. When appropriate, say “we” instead of “I.” After all, most achievements weren’t accomplished without the help of others. Remember: a rising tide lifts all boats.

Image via Flickr.com/Web Punk.

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