50 of The Biggest Career Mistakes You Can Make

September 22, 2016

Career Advice


  1. Never saying yes.
  2. Being afraid to quit and move on.
  3. Shooting for ‘perfect’ instead of ‘done.’
  4. Working harder, not smarter.
  5. Not promoting yourself.
  6. Dreaming not doing.
  7. Taking work home constantly.
  8. Not using your vacation time.
  9. Forgoing networking.
  10. Gossiping.
  11. Being arrogant.
  12. Showing up late.
  13. Taking it personally.
  14. Not making any friends at work.
  15. Dressing unprofessionally.
  16. Eating lunch alone.
  17. Being afraid to fail.
  18. Being too hard on yourself.
  19. Not learning from your mistakes.
  20. Not being able to take feedback.
  21. Doing everything on your own.
  22. Complaining.
  23. Aiming for comfort not growth.
  24. Micromanaging.
  25. Sending emails with typos.
  26. Not listening.
  27. Doing the bare minimum.
  28. Not being passionate.
  29. Having no online presence.
  30. Not helping others.
  31. Feeling sorry for yourself.
  32. Waiting too long for a promotion.
  33. Not continuously learning.
  34. Leaving a job on a bad note.
  35. Not staying in touch with past coworkers and bosses.
  36. Thinking your position is secure.
  37. Not investing in yourself.
  38. Blaming others.
  39. Not negotiating for a higher salary.
  40. Feeling like the world owes you something.
  41. Not updating your resume.
  42. Having an ego problem.
  43. Not having any goals.
  44. Taking a position just for the money.
  45. Being too proud to apologize.
  46. Bragging.
  47. Making a bad first impression.
  48. Passing on a great opportunity.
  49. Not knowing what you want.
  50. Giving up.

Image via Flickr/Hometown Beauty.

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