How to Make Friends at Work

September 7, 2016

Career Advice

3350899881_8d6282822c_zStarting a new job can be tough — new position, new rules, new environment, new acronyms, and more. But one of the toughest parts of being the new kid is making friends. Sure, you’ll get introduced to a plethora of people on day one. But who are you actually going to chat up while grabbing coffee? Who will make you laugh over your lunch break? And who will you turn to for advice? Here are some tips for helping you find friends at work.

  1. Alway search for commonality.
    As you meet each and every person, pay attention to any details that you glean and be sure to inform them if you share something in common. Perhaps you live near each other or you both have a dog or you graduated from the same college. Sharing those details helps them get to know you on a deeper lever.
  2. Talk about more than just work.
    The easiest way to go beyond the typical work conversation is to simply ask, “What are you doing this weekend?” It’s a revealing question but an approachable one. You may learn about an interesting hobby this person has or a cool event going on in your city. And you may discover something else you have in common.
  3. Stay positive.
    Happy, positive people attract others. Save the negativity for after hours. It’s easy to whine about the weather or complain about the commute, especially when you’re new and are looking for easy conversation. But don’t get lazy. You’re better than that. Find something else to talk about. By the way, it’s ok to bond over a common struggle, like a tough deadline, but try to focus on how you can overcome the obstacle together.
  4. Take initiative.
    You can’t always rely on someone else to take you under their wing. Instead of feeling sad or awkward, organize a happy hour or a lunch where you can get to know others in a more informal setting. Making friends takes time but small gestures like this go a long way.

Image via 皓平 陳/Flickr.

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