How to Prove Your Worth as the Youngest Employee

August 16, 2016

Career Advice

26177266164_8e1a118ee7_zWhether you’re fresh out of college or you just happen to be the least experienced person on your team, you have a bit of a hill to climb. Clearly you’re smart and talented — you wouldn’t have gotten hired otherwise — but it’s easy to feel less than when everyone else is so experienced. But that kind of outlook isn’t going to help you at all. Here are a few ways to prove your worth despite your newbie status.

  1. Speak up.
    Don’t sit quietly in the corner during every meeting! If you have an opinion on something, voice it carefully and respectfully. Just because you’re new to the team doesn’t mean your opinions are valued less. And who knows? Your fresh eyes may bring something to light that has been overlooked for years.
  2. Set up informational meetings.
    Get to know your peers in your team and beyond. Put a meeting on each person’s calendar and explain that you’d like to learn more about their role and background, as well as how the two of you will be working together in the future. After a few of these meetings, you’ll feel ten times more confident about how you fit in to the existing framework.
  3. Raise your hand.
    It’s too easy to blend into the background when you first start at a company. Now is the perfect time to say “Yes!” and “Do you need any help?” Being proactive will ensure that your talents are realized sooner rather than later. You may start off assisting others at first, but it won’t be long before your manager notices your skills and gives you a bigger workload.
  4. Find a mentor.
    We’ve written on the extensive benefits of mentors before. As a new employee, look for someone to take you under their wing and teach you the ins and outs of the company culture and politics. It doesn’t have to be someone on your team. Every person you meet at the company can teach you something about the business or about how you can succeed at the office. And be sure to share your desires and talents with them as well. They can potentially be an advocate as your career blossoms.

Image via John Getchel/Flickr.

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