The Secret Way Facebook Can Help Your Job Search

August 2, 2016

Career Advice

8409462334_b28b484476_zYou might see Facebook as just a way to keep up with new friends, find out what’s happening with old friends, and post silly or informative quotes and news bits. Using Facebook to aid your job search seems far fetched, right? Isn’t LinkedIn the platform with all the networking and connections? Think again. On Facebook, you can find professional groups…some of which are secret invite-only groups! You can easily network your way to many new helpful connections if not a new job as well. The people in these groups could be first-timers in their industry or could be very seasoned professionals. Plan to soak up a lot of new info when you join a Facebook group!

How to Find Facebook Groups
Log into your account. From the main feed (not your profile page), look to the left sidebar. It should say things like Favorites, Topics, Groups, Apps, etc. Under the Groups section will be “Discover Groups.” Click on it or hover over the Groups section until “More” appears and click. If you’re already a member of a group or two, you’ll see those groups but you’ll also see a Discover Tab where you can find categories.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.41.14 AM

Categories in Facebook Groups
Professional Networking and Business are just two examples of group categories. Depending on where you live, your interests, and your friends’ interests, Facebook will suggest some groups for you to join. If you want to find other matches, try using Facebook’s pre-selected topics like sports, food, hobby, leisure, home and garden, arts and culture, and more.

If You Can’t Find A Group
As with most online sites, when all else fails, put the keyword you are looking for into the search bar and see what pops up! There may be a group out there that’s perfect for you. You just need to know the right phrase to search for!

Secret Groups
Secret groups are not visible to the public and require an invite from a member. Someone must suggest your name to the moderator and/or invite you themselves and then you will receive a message saying you’ve been accepted. Closed Groups are visible, but require you to request to join (and someone will approve your request). These closed and secret groups are generally more exclusive, and they lay out rules for the participants. They usually have a moderator who monitors the posts making sure the rules are being followed and members aren’t posting unnecessary information. Secret professional groups usually request that the information shared and discussed stays in the group.

Image via Sarah Marshall/Flickr.


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