8 Signs the Interview Went Well

July 21, 2016

Career Advice

380929930_f93e64f751_oYes, it’s important to have patience after your job interview. Yes, it might be best to just put it in the back of your mind and move on. However, there are some signs that an organization is interested in you. If you catch onto them, you may get a confidence boost as you walk out the door and you just might be able to calm your nerves a bit. Here a few tell-tale signs that you’re in the running…

  1. The obvious: they ask you for a second interview!
  2. They request your work references.
  3. You receive an e-mail thanking you for coming in for an interview, and there is no “but”…
  4. They ask you to provide them with some type of sample work from your past experience. At this point they are intrigued enough to want to know what your work looks like, and that’s if they haven’t already done some research on you and seen it.
  5. The topic of salary comes up. Make sure you’ve prepared for this question and have a range in mind.
  6. You’re asked, “How soon could you start?” This is a question that is asked only if they can imagine you in this position. It could be that they see you as a good fit with the company and that you also have all the experience/skills they are searching for. You may get a question about what else you need before you could start. Anything related to transitioning from one position to another is definitely a good sign!
  7. Sales speak. If the recruiter begins to try to sell you on the organization, culture, team, then it’s a good bet they are trying to make you their newest employee.
  8. You’re invited to meet the team, or asked to stay for one more interview with a higher-up employee. This is always a good indicator!

Image via Flickr.com/Ani-Bee.


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