Don’t Deny the Power of the Name

July 12, 2016

Career Advice

86269180_7d2c3f6d8b_zDo you often say, “I’m just so bad with names!” Well, that’s not going to cut it in an interview setting…or after you’ve landed a new gig. The confidence you exude when using people’s names is more powerful than you know. People really like to hear their own name. It makes them feel heard, special, and validated. Here are some times when you might want to use someone’s name in an interview or at your job.

  1. When you first meet. A firm handshake is a given, but after they introduce themselves, be sure to recite their name in your reply. “Nice to meet you, Sharon!”
  2. Meeting in a conference room. If you’re new to a job, or even just having an interview with multiple people, it’s very powerful and effective to use their names. When answering someone’s question or when you are replying to someone’s comment, use their name in your response. “Jack, I see what you’re saying, but what if we…” This will be especially impressive during a meeting with many people around a conference room table.
  3. When you want the person to take your communication seriously. During the work day, we go in and out of social and business modes. There are times when we are socializing with colleagues and there are times when we are strictly working. When you need to make the switch back to business, a name drop can help.
  4. When you are looking for someone’s buy-in. If you are looking to present an idea and expecting support from certain team members, it’s always good to use their name during this discussion. “I know you are on board with the strategic plan, John, but it would help my case if the  project manager heard this in our next meeting.”
  5. At the close of an interview. To make sure the interviewer feels like you’ve been listening and are impressed with their company, its impactful to use their name when you are getting ready to leave. “John, it’s been a pleasure to learn more about the position opening. I hope I’m able to meet with you and your partner, Tim, in the future.”  It’s even more impressive if you can remember the stakeholder’s names that have been mentioned throughout the interview.

Image via amanda/Flickr.


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