What to Consider When You Quit

July 8, 2016

Career Advice

5121064325_83f5c59bee_zIt’s probably one of the hardest parts of looking for and securing a new job…. leaving your old one. Quitting a job can be a dreadful experience, but it can also be a relief. Here are some ways to see it as an eye-opening next step in your new life:

  1. Remember why you are doing this.
    In our heart of hearts, we want to find the perfect place to work and contribute. However, it’s inevitable that people will move jobs pretty often, even more so than in the past. Think about your future and the reasons you made this decision before you walk into your boss’ office. You might want to wait until the end of the day…or get it over with first thing in the morning if you’re not sure whether you’re guaranteed to chat with your boss later.
  2. Be certain in your presentation.
    This is a time when you may feel a bit vulnerable, and often the boss will realize this once he/she knows why you are asking to speak with them. Be comfortable in your self-assuredness about this decision and let this show in the way you communicate.
  3. Expect to hear something other than, “Oh, that’s great.”
    Depending on your manager’s personality and your history with him/her, they have one last chance to keep you here or they could be ok with watching you go. They might already be concerned with who they will find to replace you so don’t be offended if there’s no time for them to reminisce about how much you’ll be missed. Be ready for a couple different scenarios: 1) a counter offer, 2) a plea for your talents like, “We need your expertise here!” despite the low salary they are offering, or 3) “So, when’s your last day?” The company’s financial situation may play into their response as well.
  4. Explain… only if you want to.
    Don’t feel obligated to explain what your next move is. You can be vague, or specific… this is your move and your life. Just be thankful for the job you had and make that clear.
  5. Keep your contacts for your future.
    This may be the end of your stretch with this employer, but try to remember how small the world really is. You may run into this soon-to-be former boss again and you will want to be able to communicate
  6. Confidence, confidence, confidence.
    There’s a chance you may feel guilty, but try to push this feeling aside. You’ve made the decision, you’re comfortable with it, and telling your boss is the last step. Go into it all with a self-assured confidence that this is the right move for you! And then get excited about your next opportunity!

Image via anand347/Flickr.

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