Returning To Work After a Hiatus

July 6, 2016

Career Advice

22505518317_7213372d62_zYou may have been a stay-at-home Mom or Dad, or maybe you took a sabbatical for any multitude of reasons, but now it’s time to get back to the rat race. It seems like a large hill to climb, but there are a few things to consider in order to make your transition easier.

Talk to your working friends
If you’ve been gone for more than a few years, do a little casual research on what things are like in the working world in 2016. Find out what you’ve missed out on and how things like social media have changed the landscape of businesses these days. Ask friends or coworkers what has been the hardest for them to pick-up and how they’ve learned to adjust.

Take a class…. or two
A local junior college or even an online class can be a good way to get caught up. Certain career paths will require that your technology skills be up-to-date. For many others, it would be helpful to know all the latest programs as well as how social media can help your career and the businesses. As you finish classes or seminars, make sure to update your resume and LinkedIn profiles.

Get involved in social media groups
Find groups to get involved in on either LinkedIn and Facebook. LinkedIn will tell you that you can increase your profile views by joining these groups… and they aren’t kidding! As for Facebook, some of these networking opportunities are set to secret (not searchable or visible to the public) so you may need an insider friend or colleague to invite you. The benefit of these groups is definitely the networking opportunities. Some of the connections you might find can be at a very high level, but  don’t feel like you are moving into territory you can’t handle. If it gets your profile looked at or helps you find a new gig, go for it!

Even though you did the work for free, it can still go on your resume! Find a place that will let you show off your top skills and then add this to your resume. For example, maybe your gym needs freelance PR work and you’re a PR pro. Or perhaps your kids’ daycare needs some accounting help and that’s your line of work. Potential employers will see this as industrious and determined. Think of it as pro-bono consulting work and don’t forget to add these projects to your list of experiences.

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