Who’s Who In the Interview Process

June 28, 2016

Career Advice

5711331319_1c9a9a75d8_zHow many people can you potentially speak with in the interview process? Could be four…five…six. You might even lose count. Or be completely confused by what purpose each person serves during the interview process. To keep everyone straight, here’s a review of who you could be expected to interview with, what their job is, and what you should be communicating to them.

Recruiter: This person is typically your first contact. He/she is like the matchmaker of the process who will recruit the essence of the job to the candidate as well as communicate the qualifications of the candidate to the hiring managers or human resources department. They can guide you through the interview process and help decipher what may have gone wrong if you don’t get the gig.

Hiring Manager: The hiring manager is who you will report to once you are hired. They’re the ones who requested that this position be filled. This is the person you want to impress the most. During the interview process, they’ll put more of a premium on interpersonal and communication skills than you might realize. Most of all, hiring managers want to find employees who can get along with other people. They will most likely have very poignant behavioral interviewing questions to pose. Be prepared for those by going over your own past scenarios.

Director: If you make it this far into the process, this could be the interview you have that brings them all together. It could also be the most difficult in that the Director may have very different questions for you, or, on the other hand, could have all of the same questions you’ve already responded to. This is the person you must make a good impression on in order for them to to give the go-ahead to the rest of the key players. Make sure to do your homework on the director. There may be information you can use to make a connection with a higher-up like this person!

Co-Workers: They may have a say in who gets hired, or not. If they’re let in on the interview process, your potential co-workers want to know who you are as a person. They can also be a good source of information about the culture of the organization. They are the people you can ask pointed questions about management style, conflict resolution, group dynamics, workload, etc. Be careful not to let your guard so far down with potential co-workers that you forget who they are—the people you could be spending 8+ hours a day with for a very long time.

Image via Sam Mottola/Flickr.


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