Things You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Talk About In An Interview

June 7, 2016

Career Advice

There are a lot of things that people are afraid to talk about during an interview. Some of them make sense… like religion, sexual preference, marriage status, etc… but a lot of other things you need not worry about even though they seem iffy.

Instead of creating a mental checklist of all the topics that are off limits, which can make you awkward and nervous during a conversation, let’s focus on the topics you can discuss…even if they make you a little nervous. Here are a handful of things you should feel confident talking about in your interviews:

Employment Gaps: With the increase in employees working from home, start-ups, small businesses, and the number of jobs a person holds, it’s not odd anymore to have an employment gap here and there. Don’t be ashamed. If by chance you are asked about it, explain it, and if possible give some examples of how that time off improved your skills or gave you a chance to embark on a new adventure and what you learned from it.

Salary Range: When it is appropriate in the interviews process, usually during the final interviews, it’s okay to start talking about the salary range you’re looking for. If the interviewer brings up this topic by asking about your salary history, this is not something you need to answer so concretely. Instead, you might respond by telling him/her what salary range you are looking for. You could continue by saying, “Is this an appropriate range for this position?”

Part-Time Jobs: The work world is quite a different place than it was 20+ years ago. It’s not uncommon to work two part-time jobs, or even a full-time job and a part-time job. Candidates who are able to hold multiple jobs at one time should be seen as resourceful and good multi-tasters. This could be a positive foreshadowing to how they will handle multiple responsibilities.

Volunteer Work: Many companies these days are partnering with a non-profit in their area. It’s not uncommon for employees to have work-days or days where they assist a particular organization. So, seeing “volunteer” work on someone’s resume should be a good thing. As the candidate, you should talk about the organizations you’ve volunteered for and explain your interest in them and how they’ve affected you. The company will see you as committed and passionate.



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