The One Trick That Will Make Your Interview a Success

June 3, 2016

Career Advice

3322796536_cb4ae486b1_oWe’re all nervous in a job interview, but what if we could find a way not to be, and instead be the best version of ourselves every time? Author Augusten Burroughs in This Is How: Help for the Self, says that being present in the interview is the best thing you can do to help yourself get the job.

“During an interview, candor and transparency matter almost more than sheer ability. Skills can be learned, but if somebody is shifty, there you go. They’re shifty and can’t be trusted, period.”

According to Burroughs, the interviewers wish the candidates would show up just as they might on any regular work day. You see, it’s just as hard for interviewers to judge candidates as it is for the interviewee to be authentic and in the moment. However, this is exactly what will help you get the job.

Burroughs goes on to talk about how “trying to be something” is the initial problem. He says that, instead, if you can engage with your interviewer, follow them completely and carefully in their dialogue, this will keep you from drifting away and counting the hairs on their head while they are talking. It will also help you gain the respect and admiration of the interviewer because they will see you as:

1) a Listener:  This is a very hard skill to come by these days and it’s one that is also impossible to illustrate on a resume. Showing active listening skills in an interview is good foreshadowing to how you will respond in a work setting.

2) Smart: Consciously, you have made the decision to listen and follow the lead of the interviewer, at every curve and turn. You also are able to reference the questions you prepared and show you have researched the company ahead of time. You are able to move the interview in the direction it needs to go–SMART!

3) Emotionally intelligent: Being able to listen in the moment and read the interviewer by asking poignant questions will illustrate your EQ, or emotional quotient. This is a very difficult skill given the pressures and expectations for an interview candidate.

So there you have it: just be present in the moment. When you’re authentic, conversational, and a good listener, the interview is in the bag!

Image via David Salaguinto/Flickr.

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