3 Interview Red Flags and How to Respond to Them

June 1, 2016

Career Advice

3810889895_b465031632_zAs a job candidate, you definitely don’t need to tell the interviewer all the juicy details about your job search. Why would you? They’re on a need-to-know basis, and you’re in the drivers seat, right? Unfortunately, your interviewer is kind of in the driver’s seat too. After all, they’re the one with the interview schedule, candidate list, and final job offer in hand. And when they wield that power the wrong way, it could get awkward. Here are three red flags you may hear during an interview, and how to respond to them.

“We’re impressed with you, but we still have a few more people to interview.”
There are a few scenarios that could be occurring here. 1) The recruiter may be biding some time before the rest of the applicants are interviewed. 2) They could be trying to keep you interested in the company and show how sought after they are. 3) They could be impressed with you, but not enough to offer you a second interview right away.
Your response: “Thank you. Oh, I see. That’s great. I have a few other interviews next week myself. I’ll check back with you in one week to see where you are in your process.”

“We’re not certain about the offering salary yet. We’ll let you know once it’s firm.”
It’s likely this one is a lie. Organizations need to have a salary set in stone before they hire. The interview couldn’t take place if they haven’t gotten approval on a salary range for the position.
Your response: “Oh really, hmmm. I’m looking for a salary in the range of $65,000 to $75,000. If this doesn’t sound like I’m in the ballpark then it might not be a good fit.”

“We offer so many benefits to our employees.”
This is clearly a blanket statement without any of the specifics you need. Benefits are critical to your employee package. In many cases, benefits can make up for a lower salary offer. Depending on your situation in life, you may be more interested in the amount of vacation days or the healthcare benefits. If this is a first interview, you may not yet want to ask about benefits. If it’s a second or third, don’t leave without the details.
Your response: “I’m glad your company offers so many benefits. Since this is the second interview, I’d be interested to hear more about your specific benefits: healthcare, vacation, dental, etc…”

Image via Bob AuBuchon/Flickr.

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