How to Get Over Rejection During a Job Search

May 16, 2016

Career Advice

23391316560_d5a8565059_zLet’s be honest: anything that can result in rejection is a little bit depressing…. and we all know job searching can end in rejection, time and time again. Knowing and admitting this up front is your first step to battling any little signs of depression that creep in after a “thanks, but no thanks.” Here are a few other tips that can help you get over rejection during the job search.

Let yourself wallow (but only for a little bit).
Give yourself a day (15 minutes…or an hour…whatever works for you) to feel awful after a rejection. Then, get back on the horse and either make more connections or respond to more job openings. The more positive steps you can take after a rejection letter, the better you will feel. In a situation like job searching, it’s always better to have more than one iron in the fire (or in this case more resumes in the hands of recruiters).

Find some closure.
Another option for your first move after receiving a rejection letter could be to respond to it. Depending on how they wrote the letter, you may want to ask for feedback on your interview/experience or even email with a “thank-you, but please keep me on your short list in case  similar jobs open up.”

Get back in the ring.
View your job search as a job in and of itself. If you don’t at least see it as a part-time gig, you may never make it happen. Creating a routine to follow and some short term goals to meet is always a good way to start the process. You can re-assess your routine after a few weeks to evaluate how it’s working for you.

Remember, you’re not alone.
Remember, you are not the only one looking for a job. Although it can be easy to take things personally, do this instead. Picture the hundreds of other people that may be looking for jobs in your field. They are also getting rejection letters and trying to figure out their best course of action. If you can see it as others going through the same process, it can make it easier to digest and understand. This is also one more reason why you want to make sure and practice follow-up communication, whether it be after a rejection letter or after you just applied for a job.

Image credit: Topher McCulloch/Flickr.

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