The One Thing That’s Killing Your Job Search

April 21, 2016

Career Advice

15506752529_d9002fe249_zAs you’ve learned in the past couple of blog posts, a typical job search has migrated from mere words on a page to a whole host of social media tools required to get noticed. This alone, adds a new hurdle to get over in addition to the uneasy feelings that accompany any job search.

Your confidence may be shaken, but know that this is exactly the character trait you must exude to secure a job; employers are looking for you to show them confidence in your interview and your online presence. Here are some ways you can keep your confidence at a high while conquering all things job search-related:

Maintain Routine: As much as you’d like to crawl back into bed and under the covers during a long job search, DON’T! Keep a routine as much as possible. Wake at the same time as you would have when you were employed, eat meals at traditional times, schedule your job search during what was your typical work day, exercise at the same time you used to, and meet with friends and family on a regular basis.

Ask for Support: Keep in touch with your biggest supporters during this time–family, friends, and mentors. It will be important to have some people to lean on given your newfound situation. You may feel a variety of new feelings at first, so be sure to give yourself some time to experience them, just don’t wallow. Keep your contacts in the loop on how your search is going and schedule regular meetings with them out of your home. Don’t be surprised if you are the one reaching out more frequently than they are–that’s OK.

Exercise: Exercise during a job search is not only a great part of a routine during a job search, but it serves a very important function. During a long job search, your brain has the potential to produce feelings of depression but the exercise can help stave off those feelings. However, if exercise isn’t something you do regularly, learn to take breaks and walk in your neighborhood, or even take the pooch outside for a break. Consider yoga as an option as well. Relaxing and rejuvenating–a double whammy.

Increase Your Skills: If you’re feeling under qualified for certain positions, taking a class or workshop could be exactly what you need to feel worthy. You’ll meet other people, you’ll learn something new that will advance your job search, and you can’t forget about the potential networking opportunities. Budget a certain amount of time and money for career advancement and look into the tax write-off possibilities.

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