How to “Play Big” in Your Job Search

April 12, 2016

Career Advice


Have you ever heard the phrase, “You’re playing too small?”

You’re falling into this mindset when desperation for a job starts taking over your body and your mind. You don’t want to shoot too low and just try to land any old position. You need to take the time to strategize and decide what type of move is the best fit for your career, and how you should go about making that happen.

When job searching, you need to create a stellar public relations campaign for yourself–the way you present yourself to the world, how you walk, hold yourself, speak, command attention, and respond. If you exude anything other than confidence, poise, and intelligence, your campaign could backfire in your face.

Here are some ways to avoid the desperation and stay strong:

  1. Pre-think about what it is you want to search for. Where do you want to be in a year or sooner? What do you love to do?  What type of work environment do you thrive in?
  2. Research the companies/organizations that fit the bill. Read industry news about them, learn their latest products and services, discover who is in charge, and see if anyone has left or been replaced recently.
  3. Find recruiters in your industry who can promote you and your resume. Making your search a team effort will not only increase your chances, it will make you feel like you’re still working during those times when you just need a break.
  4. Create a business card (or a magnet, pen or other promotional piece!) with  your information. Think of including a list of your skills as well as all the relevant contact information such as LinkedIn profile, blog, e-mail address, cell phone, and website.  You can give this to anyone and everyone you meet that could be a potential contact. The more eye-catching and unique it is, the more likely they are to remember you.
  5. Rock your elevator pitch. Create one or two elevator pitches that describe your skills and what you are looking for. One pitch could be more formal and the other could be for more casual outings when you are meeting friends of friends. The business card is what you’ll leave them with if you find they may be helpful in your search.

A job search can be a tough time, but remember your worth! This campaign is all about YOU so keeping your spirits up is critical. Follow the steps above and you’ll be “playing BIG” before you know it!


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