From the Field to the Conference Room: How Playing Sports Can Help Your Job Search

April 7, 2016

Career Advice

3981028821_59e8cafd9a_zA Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health poll found that almost three in four adults played sports when they were younger (73%). Those same adults definitely have what it take to dominate a job search. After all, it’s not unlike your weeknight tennis match, weekend softball game, or even your Sunday golf game.

Coach may have prepped us the day before the big game, gave us tips the day of, and motivated us throughout. You may not always realize it, but there are so many things you naturally do in sports that can be applied to your job search. Just think about it…prepare your uniform before the big game, get plenty of rest, eat two or three hours before the game… These are all things you should do before you interview too.

Now it’s our turn to remember all of our coach’s tips and apply them to our job search and the interview process!

Coach says… Keep practicing. You’ll get it!
We say… Keep your skills up to date and work on continuos improvement. Take classes, attend workshops, promote your skills via social media, etc.

Coach says… Support your teammates before and during the big competition.
We say… Get empowerment from your friends and mentors during your job search. Ask them for support.

Coach says… Show up 1/2 hour early to the game.
We say… Show up 15 minutes early to an interview.

Coach says… Do something that relaxes you (i.e. music) before the game starts.
We say… Do that same thing before you get called into the interview!

Coach says… Self-talk throughout your game.
We say… Motivate yourself with self-talk on your way to the interview or when you’re feeling down during a long job search.

Coach says… Maintain a positive attitude and confident demeanor during the game.
We say… Exude positivity and confidence while answering the interview questions and making small talk.

Coach says… Review the day’s game and take notes on your play.
We say… Evaluate your interviews, track your applications, and take note of your response rates.

If you’re an athlete (current or former!), it’s easy to see the comparisons between your game and your job search. Prepare for your interview like you prepare for your biggest competition! Push yourself to be the best your can be.

Image via: Matt Stratton/Flickr.


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