4 Ways to Improve Body Wellness at Work

April 5, 2016

Career Advice


“Sit up straight!”
“Don’t hunch over!”
“You’re going to get that hump in your back when you’re old!”

These are all things you may have heard from your parents while you worked on your homework as a kid. Now, as an adult, your work has migrated to an office with a desk, computer, possibly a decent chair, and maybe full walls if you’re lucky.

Keeping good posture can become difficult if your job keeps you at this desk and working on that computer for eight hours per day. Taking work breaks that involve resting your mind and exercising your body are critical to your efficiency and productivity.

Here are some tips that share insight into what you should do to keep your mind and body in good shape to produce your best work.

Evaluate your work set-up, and if possible have it evaluated by someone who is an expert on assessing whether or not you are using your chair, computer, and keyboard in a way that is best for your body. Here is what the National Institute of Health recommends.

After sitting for a couple hours, your body tends to rebel. We’re not meant to be sitting all day long. We all understand the reasons for stretching during our sports activities, so why not take that same perspective on your work? Viewing your work day as an athletic activity has many benefits. Check out this video from Real Simple and lead your muscles to relief at work.

We all know walking is good for us, but the pressure to finish that big project at work can be greater–and it often wins out while walking goes to the wayside. A simple lunchtime walk can do wonders for your mood in addition to many other things. Check out why and how you can work this critical exercise into your day here.

Averting Your Eyes
Have you heard of Computer Vision Syndromeand did you know that you can cure it through the 20-20-20 rule? Your eyes will thank you if you check out these tips for eliminating eye strain. When we look at a computer all day, we blink less, which dries out our eyes. It can make your eyes more irritated, especially if you wear contacts. Yikes!

Image via Elie Zananiri/Flickr.

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