To Job Search Like a CEO, Think Like a CEO

March 24, 2016

Career Advice

69183214_46c081a122_zWhen you think of a CEO, you don’t often envision a rule-follower. Liz Ryan of Forbes will tell you it takes breaking all the rules to have the mind-set of a CEO, especially when looking for a job! First, let’s look at the characteristics of a CEO that you must tap into.

CEOs often act similarly to entrepreneurs. To do so, they must have the following characteristics. And you must build the same ones if you want to bypass the typical paths to job hunting and think out of the box for that next career move.

  1. CONFIDENCE. If you just came from the top position at a huge, mega-successful company, confidence is oozing out of your pores. While you search for your job, channel that CEO kind of confidence. Pick up the phone with gusto, e-mail like there’s not a chance you will get rejected, and speak to people with the certainty that you are exactly who they want on their team.
  2. RISK TAKING. This can be exactly what an employer wants to see in their employees. They are also looking to hire someone that can decipher when it is and isn’t a good time to take a risk. During your job hunt, think of how you can take a risk. What if you picked up the phone and called a professional you look up? What if you applied for a job that was slightly out of your reach? What if your cover letter or resume was completely out of the box? You’ve got nothing to lose…go for it!
  3. RESOURCEFULNESS. CEOs are thrifty and you should get resourceful about your job search. Have you ever been to a local chamber of commerce meeting? Have you ever joined a book club? Do all your friends know you are job hunting? Does your social network know? Put yourself out there, and don’t let any connection go untouched.
  4. COMMUNICATION. Successful CEOs and job hunters both need to excel in this category. Employers and influencers will be paying attention to your every move as you communicate with them through interviews, e-mails, resumes, cover letters, phone calls, thank you notes, and follow up. Maintain a professional and open demeanor at all times.

Image via Scott Feldstein/Flickr. 


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