How to Manage Your Cell Phone at Work

March 21, 2016

Career Advice

3774825311_5b33c64daa_zWe’ve moved into a new chapter in our work world; one that includes personal devices for most, if not everyone. These personal devices will likely morph into different entities over the next 100 years, but for now we are living with the smart phone. When you are new to an organization, there are some things you should be aware of, research, and consider as it relates to their communications:

  1. Does your company have a cell phone policy? Many are instilling these because of difficulties with managing cell phone use and the productivity in the workplace. You may want to know if the  policy is the same for everyone or different based on title.
  2. What is the company’s unwritten culture around cell phone use? Observe this or even ask others who work there about their experience with this. Does your potential manager have his/her own perspective on cell phone usage? Do you see employees on their phones?
  3. Do you know your own limits with the cellphone? Can you keep from checking it all day? Are there calls or people you can’t ignore? Have you told your family to limit calling/texting you while you are working?
  4. Are there other ways you can be reached that can substitute for the cell phone? Devise the best strategy for how your family should contact you and how your coworkers should contact you. Work landline? Work cell? Personal phone? Work e-mail? Personal email? Set boundaries on when you can be contacted. Smartphones make it easy for us to get wrapped up in work life during personal time and personal life during work time.

As a new employee, or potential employee, remember that although a company may respect your use of smartphones to some extent, it is still up to you to respect the work space and time of your employer. An organization’s biggest fear is that the cell phone will get in the way of your productivity. Even if your employer has a liberal cell phone policy, they will be appreciative of your effort to use it discreetly and respectfully.

Image via Jeff Edmond/Flickr. 


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