A Conflict Resolution Strategy For Life and Work

March 17, 2016

Career Advice

17150746928_976705aa17_zMost of the interview questions you will be posed with have some behavioral component to them. In other words, the interviewer is trying to find out how you have acted in your past, which may predict how you will act in the future. How you handle conflict in the workplace is one of the primary areas that employers are looking to understand.

In last week’s posting, we touched on how to create the best answer when asked how you deal with conflict resolution. But here’s a strategy that will not only help you look back at your past conflicts at work and break down how you dealt with them, but it will also give you a model for how to move forward post conflict and arrive at a positive result. It’s called STAR.  Here’s how it works:

  • Situation/Task (ST) – Give an accurate description of the situation showing the specifics of both sides, from your point of view and from your manager’s point of view.
  • Approach/Action (A) – Describe how you went about handling things respectfully and why you approached the situation in that way. Both the “how” and the “why” are incredibly important!
  • Resolution/Results (R) – Explain the results, both negative and positive. Make sure to explain what you would do differently today, and where you may have gone wrong. Learning from your mistakes and taking feedback (and acting on it!) and great skills to show off here.

The key point of all of this is your understanding of this statement: conflict is common in the workplace and you are well-versed in resolving it. The interviewer is looking for a confident (not arrogant) response that illustrates a mature and responsible employee.

As mentioned in last week’s post, be sure to focus your response on the resolution. This will guide the interviewer to the most important part of your behavior—how you resolved the conflict, plus how you grew and changed for the better.

Image via thedailyenglishshow.com/Flickr. 

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