How to Best Research: Before the Application & Interview

March 4, 2016

Career Advice

17914262632_e298be386a_zYou’ve found two companies that have job openings and sound like a perfect fit, plus another organization that you’ve heard is a top place to work and is looking for someone with your expertise. Perfect! What’s the next step? Apply, right? Wrong.

Before applying, it’s imperative that you do your research. Not only will you discover information that will help you in the application and interview, this information can help you make a wise decision about the longevity of the organization.

Here are some ways to go about researching the companies where you’ll be applying:

The First Step: Company Websites
Peruse every page of the company’s website from the careers section to individual brand websites to the blog to the sales pages. Most companies will provide you with information you should know and can use: their recent clients, products, services, announcement, employee bios, and latest media coverage. This is all revealing information you can potentially weave into the cover letter and interview.

Dig Deeper: Industry Journals
These publications can really give you some details about what’s going on in the industry and how it may affect your potential new employer. If you can see the big picture and apply it in your cover letter, interview, or small talk, the impression you’re going to make will far surpass the other candidates. You could also scan the journal for the company name and/or executives from the company to get a perspective on the major players and the hot-button issues.

Do Your Homework: Glassdoor
This popular website shares very interesting information to consider when researching a potential company. You can browse real salaries, reviews from former employees, company updates, interview experiences, and of course, current job openings. The salary information could help you consider what the industry pays and what you can request as a result of the demand and your experience.

Get Connected: LinkedIn
Preview the employees at the company and double check if you may know some of them, or if you may be connected to them through someone else. You can find out out through your close connections if they’ve heard anything about the company or the open position, or you could ask them to connect you with someone who does. If you’ve landed an interview, you could also review the employees who are interviewing you and take note of his or her background jobs and history, which may help for small talk during an interview.

Researching is an important part of the application and interview process, and should not be taken lightly. It’s time consuming, but it’s time well spent. Not only will it help you land the interview, but it can help you land the job–and accept the offer confidently thanks to your sleuthing.

Photo credit: Damien Zaleski/Unsplash

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