7 Questions That Will Help You Write An Elevator Pitch

February 9, 2016

Career Advice

You’ve done everything there is to do to get that job. Your resume and LinkedIn profile are perfect–who wouldn’t want you? All these things are great and should help you clinch the job, but if you can’t verbalize what you’re looking for to your network, or even your best friend, you may never find it. This is where the elevator pitch comes into play. It’s not just for sales people, it’s for anyone looking to get from point A to point B. That’s you!

The elevator pitch, at its core, is pretty simple. It’s 30-90 seconds about who you are and what you’re looking for. As long as you can answer some basic questions, you can write a solid elevator pitch. Here are some steps for getting that pitch going. Watch out world, here you come!

1. What are you looking for?
If you’re searching for a job, there’s a chance you are looking for something a little different than what you are already doing. Take inventory of what you’ve enjoyed about your career and what you’ve been good at. Make a column for those experiences you didn’t like as well. It’s just as important to be able to identify what you don’t want to do.

2. What are the 3 most important things you want to express about yourself?
It’s okay to write down more than three ideas, but you’ll eventually have to boil it down to your favorites. Not everything about you is relevant, depending on the job. Only put in those things that relate to the job you are trying to secure.

3. What is unique about you and your skill set/history?
Your audience wants to know what makes you special. This is where you can capitalize on the conversation. Tell them just enough information so that they’ll have to ask you a question because they’ll be dying to know more. Make it a chance for them to inquire about you. Tease them a bit!

4. How can you help the organization you’re interested in?
Your pitch will be slightly modified for each position you apply for. There is some version of “pain” involved in any organization or department. Make your audience see that you are interested in solving problems and making the work smoother, more efficient, or less dramatic (whatever adjective works for the job you are looking for).

5. What information is unnecessary?
Edit, edit, edit, cut, cut, cut! Remember: you have only 30-90 seconds. Every written piece deserves an editor! If you can, show your pitch to others and have them give you feedback. You can learn a lot from a fresh set of eyes.

6. How much have you practiced?
Practice makes better! No matter how much you’ve worked on it and believe it’s perfect, nothing takes the place of practicing–and it doesn’t have to be in front of another person. Try the mirror!

7. What worked and what didn’t work?
You’ll have to practice with a live audience before you can ask yourself these questions. Schedule a networking event or meeting to work on your elevator pitch. Set your expectations: this is a practice run. Pay attention to what did and didn’t work, and alter it as you go.

Image via Rennett Stone/Flickr.

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