Why You Should Constantly Update Your Online Career Profile

January 28, 2016

Career Advice

6290003115_7788c41563_zResumes only need to be updated during the job search process, but your online profile is a bit different. It’s always out there in cyberspace for anyone to view whenever they decide. That’s scary! But it’s kind of amazing too. Online career profiles can work for you, even when you’re not in the depths of a job hunt. Your online profile is like a billboard on the busiest highway in your area. You wouldn’t want a billboard of your information to be incorrect.

Passersby, in this case potential employers, networkers, and recruiters, should have a good sense of your recent accomplishments and current endeavors. After all, it would be great if you could get those passersby to pull over and stay a while. And whether you realize it or not, your career is constantly changing. You should be constantly adding skills and updates to your bio as you and your career morph.

Every time you make a change to your profile, you’ll keep recruiters and employers updated on your status. Don’t worry; your current employer will not immediately assume you’re searching for a job if you update yourprofile. Keeping an updated online profile is your right and it’s the smart thing for any career-minded person to do. Here are some ideas on when to update your online career profile.

  • When you finish any type of education from traditional schooling to continuing education classes to certifications.
  • Immediately after you’ve been promoted or your title has been changed.
  • After you’ve changed jobs. Wait until you’ve settled in and update it 2 to 3 months later.
  • When you’ve acquired a new skill. Ask for coworker to endorse your skills on LinkedIn.
  • If you’ve authored any materials, publications, or articles; these make great status updates too!
  • If you’ve moved from one town to another.
  • When you have a new and improved photo of yourself.
  • After you’ve had a great experience with someone and want to recommend their work. Ask for one in return!
  • When you find an interesting career article, update your status so all your connections can see that you’re involved in the industry.
  • If your contact information changes: email, phone, blog, Twitter, website, etc.

Image via Flickr/Shelia Scarborough

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