5 Steps To Take During Your Search For a Career Mentor

November 24, 2015

Career Advice

14090438714_33bec862fe_zWho doesn’t need a little inspiration and motivation at their job? When you go into work every morning it’s not uncommon to be thinking about that one co-worker you want to avoid. But instead, what you should be imagining is the employee you work with who inspires and motivates you to learn everyday and enjoy your career. Think back to grade school… your mentor was your teacher. You didn’t get to choose, unfortunately, but if you were lucky to get the “good” teacher, you probably learned a lot.

Today, in the work world your mentor is whomever you choose. It’s up to you to use your perseverance and research skills to find a co-worker who might be the best fit as a mentor for you. Here are some tips on what you might do to find that person:

Define what type of mentor/coach you’re looking for.
Analyze and write down the skills (technical and/or soft) you need to develop in your work life. It’s best to know first what you need so you’ll know what to look for in a potential mentor and you’ll be able to discuss this with him/her.

Pay attention to the employees in your immediate department.
This should be pretty simple. You’ll probably be able to tell pretty quickly if anyone in your immediate department is someone you would consider approaching to be your mentor.

Ask your manager about other department managers who might be a fit.
Depending on who you interact with in your job, you may not be aware of all the managers or higher level employees in your organization. Your own manager knows you well enough to make some suggestions.

Do your own company research about the C-Suite.
Who says you can’t contact one of the corporate level employees? If you have followed one of these folks on social media and admire their messages, they could be your next mentor. Their time may be at a premium, but you could try connecting on social media and maintain a partly virtual mentorship. You could also acknowledge that their time is at a premium and ask him/her to make suggestions for another potential mentor within the company.

Think outside the box.
A mentor outside of your work is an option as well. This could require a bit more research and investigation with your peers and community. Industry organizations and conferences are great places to rub shoulders with potential mentors.

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