6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before an Interview

October 29, 2015

Career Advice

9647972522_eb1f0c3ca7_zCongratulations! You’ve landed an interview. Phew! Even though you feel relieved to have landed this opportunity, the work is only just beginning. In preparation, it’s important to assess why you are interviewing in the first place and what you want to get out of the interview. Here are some questions you can ask yourself and an example of a pre-interview routine that you could follow:

  1. Why am I interviewing for this job?
    This question alone will help you realize the level of importance of this interview. Maybe it’s practice, maybe it’s a make-or-break dream job interview, and maybe it’s just an opportunity to get your foot in the door.
  2. What is it about this job/organization that is enticing?
    Write out why this organization is a good fit for you. List all the pros. “I need a job” is not a good enough answer for why you want to work at a company. The interviewer will want to know why you’re specifically passionate about this job at this organization.
  3. What core skills should I emphasize in this interview?
    Write out the specific background, skills, and abilities you possess that make you the best fit for this job. Use those experiences as talking points during the interview. If you haven’t been able to touch on a major skill during the interview, find a way to get the interviewer to go in that direction. (Yes, you do have some control).
  4. What do I know about this interviewer that will help me connect during the interview?
    Use any personal info you have learned about the interviewer to connect with them during the interview—at least in the beginning during intros and/or at the end when saying goodbye.
  5. What information can I learn about this company/organization that will help me during the interview?
    Research the organization, but don’t stop there. Be sure to look up what has happened in the news lately as it relates to this industry or other organizations in this industry. Figure how you can work this into a conversation. It will impress your interviewers.
  6. What’s that one thing about me that I can rely on when I need to impress someone?
    Think about yourself and what you do best when you are one-on-one with people. Is it listening,  making connections,  making them look good, or summarizing the conversation? If you’re not sure, ask friends or former coworkers what they think your strengths are.

Image via Raymond Bryson/Flickr.

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