When Starting Over Means Proving Yourself All Over Again

October 22, 2015

Career Advice

4942572797_898ec7ec75_zYou have all kinds of experience in life, in your field, and in dealing with people. You’re a good communicator, you can sell yourself, and so much more. You’ve put in your time and you’re ready to reap the rewards. But if you’ve just started a new position, moved to a new company, or changed careers, you’ve got more work cut out for you than you think.

Being an experienced professional can come with its difficulties, especially when you’ve changed careers and find yourself in a more entry-level position than you once had. Here are a few scenarios you might encounter in a new work atmosphere.

Lack of Trust
Your new boss and co-workers may not know your past. In fact, it’s likely they don’t. If you haven’t specifically told them, they will see you only in the role you are entering into. Therefore, you may feel like you are being talked down to.

They won’t see it this way, but you may. Try not to take it personally. Slowly, over time, your co-workers and boss will begin to hear about your past experiences and see your current skills. Make sure you are an advocate for your own history. Now’s the time to toot your own horn!

Unwanted Competition
If you are a seasoned professional who has worked in any field for 10+ years, your boss or co-workers may feel threatened by your experience; even just your life experience. It may feel like a competition you didn’t see coming.

This is the point where you can focus on your communication. Be careful to get your message across without offending or sounding more knowledgeable than your boss. Sounds weird, right? But it’s true. Let them know they are lucky to have you, but be gentle about it.

Lack of Challenge
If you’ve taken a step or two down to follow a new career path, you may not feel as challenged from the get-go. You’ll be expected to show what you can do and learn the ropes first. Your past experience may not translate right away and this could be very frustrating. Patience is the key virtue during this time in your transition. Keep reminding yourself of that.

Eventually, the eggshells will harden and it will feel like you are walking on solid ground. There may be some cracked shells along the way, but stick to it. Pay attention to these potential pitfalls, but exude confidence and positivity in your attitude.

Image via Anne/Flickr.

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