Try This Pre-Interview Ritual

October 15, 2015

Career Advice

17150746928_976705aa17_zMany athletes have a pre-game ritual. It might include eating certain foods, listening to inspiring songs, a making a phone call to an important person. What’s your pre-interview ritual? It’s a good idea to have one in order to keep yourself on task, relaxed, and focused once you reach the interview.

Here are some ideas for a pre-interview routine that will hopefully help you land the job!

  • Prepare your clothes the night before. Make sure you’ve tried them on, and they’re pressed.
  • Print at least three copies of your resume just in case.
  • Plan out your route to the interview the day or night before. If you’re traveling somewhere you’ve never been, consider traffic and if there’s any construction on your way. Being late is unacceptable!
  • Pack your briefcase or bag the night before with a notebook, pens, business cards, resumes, notes on the organization, mints, a snack, a water bottle, something to read while waiting, and phone headphones so you can listen to your favorite inspirational tunes.
  • Make a to-do list the night before and write down anything you’ll need to do or grab in the morning. Getting it out of your head and onto the paper should help you fall asleep peacefully that night.
  • In the morning, don’t skip over your everyday routine—exercise, eat, listen to music or the news, drink your coffee in your favorite mug, or walk the dog. It will help you feel calm and ready to take on the day.
  • Call that one person close to you who is your rock. Get that pep talk you need, process it, and be confident!
  •  On the way to the interview, listen to the music that inspires you or a radio show you enjoy. Remember: focus on only good things that make you feel like the best possible you from this point on.
  • Self-talk before the interview—I can do this, I am the best person for the job, I have all the skills and experience they could need, I can help this organization thrive, I am a rockstar and will kill it in this interview.

Image via studio tdes/Flickr.

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