How to Survive the Stressful Post-Interview Waiting Period

October 8, 2015

Career Advice

4463478302_c7b380e78c_zYou could spend your time analyzing and conjecturing for days on end about how the interview went. You could tell yourself it went poorly because it was short, or that it was great because they asked how you see yourself fitting in at the company. When you’re searching for immediate employment and your bank account is running low, it’s impossible not to stress out.

But there is another way to get through the dreaded wait time post interview and pre offer. Suspend your judgement and analytical mind. Sounds tough, right? It’s possible. At this point in your job search, focus on the numbers game—the more people you talk to, the more likely you’ll get a new gig. Here are some ways to transform that worry into positivity and proactivity:

  1. Ride the wave of that last interview. Use the energy from your last interview to set up your next meetings and informational interviews. Make that response part of your routine.
  2. Have an “after-the-interview” ritual, just like you like you pre-interview rituals. Go to a special place and celebrate that you just took one more step in the right direction toward new employment.
  3. Make a job search calendar and work it. On the days that you have interviews, don’t excuse yourself from job search tasks—plan a schedule for each day and stick to it. Continuously engage in tasks that move you forward.
  4. Create a reward system for yourself. Perhaps there is something you will do or buy for yourself once you get a job offer. It’s your carrot at the end of the race.
  5. Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! Even if that means walking your dog three times a day—do it. Use exercise as a re-charging time. And don’t take your phone with you. Clear your mind temporarily, and you’ll feel much more motivated to get back in the game.

Image via Caro Wallis/Flickr.


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One Comment on “How to Survive the Stressful Post-Interview Waiting Period”

  1. Steve Polimeni Says:

    Great advice. Going through this exact situation right now.


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